Beijing protests US over new measures against Chinese companies

China protested to the United States in connection with the decree of US President Donald Trump, which prohibits, from January 11, 2021, individuals and legal …

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In the USA, the deadline for the sale of American business TikTok has been postponed

The Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States (CFIUS) has postponed for another 15 days, until November 27, the deadline in which the Chinese …

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Biden’s triumph celebrated in major US cities

The news first announced shortly after 11 in the morning spread in New York when the windows of the buildings were opened, the neighbors shouted …

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Sebastián Piñera, Alberto Fernández… AL leaders celebrate Biden’s triumph in the US

Latin American leaders hailed on Saturday the victory in the US presidential elections of Democrat Joe Biden, who, according to some analysts, would try to make amends for the damage …

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Biden and the other vice presidents who took over the White House

They are usually in the shadow of the president, but there are several success stories among the vice presidents of the United States who ascended the rung and came to occupy the White House. For Joe Biden, it …

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Historic: Kamala Harris becomes the first woman to become the US Vice Presidency

After the triumph of Joe Biden as president of the United States, Kumala Harris became the first woman in history to hold the vice – presidency of the country. Who in Kumala Harris?  Kamala Devi Harris, a former prosecutor, was …

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