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Biden administration: Pete Buttigieg highlights the historic nature of his appointment

Sophie-Hélène Lebeuf (access the author's page) Sophie-Helene Lebeuf 2020-12-16 | Updated 23:57 yesterday The President-designate of the United States, Joe Biden, formally presented, on Wednesday, …

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The Al Khalifa of Bahrain, an absolute monarchy under the constitutional cloak | People

The recent history of Bahrain's ruling family is one of missed opportunity. At the head of a tiny country (the third smallest in Asia), the …

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China Introduces New Weapons System Amid Growing Tension with Taiwan | International

Posters in Chinese and English in defense of the independence of Taiwan, last Sunday in Taipei.DAVID CHANG / EFE At a time when China's relations …

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12 films from the past decade that are considered almost perfect, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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The 15 best action movies of the decade, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

To help readers of action movies, Bula has put together a list of the 15 best of its kind that are available in streaming: eight …

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