The 10 best movies to premiere in August on Netflix

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Moscow defends Russians badly among friends | The Watchtowers Blog

Russia's wild reactions when it thinks it sees its interests hurt in some countries (in the Baltic, in Ukraine or in the West) contrast with …

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The 15 best action movies of the decade, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

To help readers of action movies, Bula has put together a list of the 15 best of its kind that are available in streaming: eight …

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Susan Rice criticizes Trump for being soft on #Putin

Rice is considered one of the most likely contenders for the vice-president position on Democrat Joe Biden’s team. Susan Rice, the former national security adviser …

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Lozoya’s return focuses on Odebrecht bribes and the role of a German businessman

Lozoya during the press conference in which he delimited himself from the accusations.Getty Images Emilio Lozoya landed in Mexico early Friday morning. The former director …

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Trump redoubles his pulse with Merkel and withdraws military from Germany | International

US President Donald Trump at a NATO meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last December in Watford, England.Evan Vucci / AP President Trump confirmed Monday …

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