COVID-19: France on the verge of opening vaccination to every 55 years and over

TOP NEWS TODAY Posted at 2:20 p.m. All French people aged 55 and over will be eligible for vaccination from Monday with AstraZeneca or soon …

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Elections in Ecuador: The political rift splits in two Ecuador | International

"Guillermo is coming, Guillermo is coming," shouts a young man behind the wheel of a gigantic SUV. Sonia and Cristina Velázquez, mother and daughter, wave …

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Ecuador Elections 2021: Dollarization in Ecuador, a corset that no candidate dares to question | International

A vendor works at a wholesale market in Quito, Ecuador, in July 2020.Sofia Calle / GETTY IMAGES Ecuador has a love-hate relationship with its currency, …

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Elections: Great uncertainty in Peru with five candidates tied one week before the presidential elections | International

Peruvian presidential candidates during a television debate on March 31, in Lima.SEBASTIAN CASTANEDA / Reuters Five of the presidential candidates that Peru celebrates next Sunday …

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