Iran Pressures Nuclear Deal Negotiations By Raising Uranium Enrichment To 60% | International

The visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Tehran on Tuesday has allowed Iranian rulers to feel supported against the West. Lavrov has accused …

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President of Peru 2021: Conservative Keiko Fujimori will contest the presidency of Peru with radical teacher Pedro Castillo | International

Peru's presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori delivers a speech on Sunday.John Reyes / EFE At 90% of the official vote count for president in Peru, electoral …

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India's oldest food delivery service threatened by pandemic

Philippe Leblanc Posted at 8:01 a.m. MUMBAI, India – The second wave of the pandemic is sweeping over India, which is now the main outbreak …

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Elizabeth II feels a "great void" after the death of Prince Philippe

TOP NEWS TODAY Posted at 5:40 pm yesterday The death of Prince Philippe, two months before his 100th birthday, leaves a "great void" in the …

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Elections in Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso, a conservative who promises changes | International

Guillermo Lasso is presented as the candidate for change. The one that will bury 14 years of 21st century socialism in Ecuador, first with Rafael …

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