Presidential in Peru: a teacher and an economist in the lead

TOP NEWS TODAY Posted at 6:26 p.m. yesterday The radical left schoolteacher Pedro Castillo and the right-wing economist Hernando de Soto led the presidential poll …

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'Sofagate': The setback in Ankara puts Michel on the ropes | International

The scene, of just 20 seconds and four shots, has caused a political earthquake in Brussels. The images show the Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, …

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Erdogan: Draghi goes down into the mud of politics | International

The script was practically written. The press conference, at times amused by Mario Draghi's refined Roman irony, had been effectively dispatched by the prime minister. …

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Rafael Correa, the absent politician who defines the election in Ecuador | International

Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador, in 2019.Mario Guzman / EFE Rafael Correa is a very present absence in Ecuador. The former president has lived …

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Draghi calls Erdogan a dictator after criticizing the "humiliation" of Von der Leyen in Ankara | International

The president of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Mario Draghi, appeared before the press on Thursday to give an account of the chaos generated …

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