The great missing of 2020

Radio-Canada 2020-12-31 | Updated at 5:16 pm yesterday Here are 28 brief portraits of personalities who marked their time, their corner of the world, by …

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Why I voted and returned to vote for Trump | USA elections

The first president Shay Eicher has ever voted for is Donald Trump. Eicher, who is 20 years old and studies Civil Engineering, is a Rare …

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What do the US polls say? Biden is favorite, but Trump would win one in four times | USA elections

Democrat Joe Biden is the candidate with the best chance of winning the November 3 election, although he is not assured of victory. In EL …

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Report: What Bolsonaro Denies. Trip to the Brazilian Amazon ravaged by fire

THESE century old TREES rarely burn on their own. Even when this environmental treasure is struck by lightning, the humidity is so high and the …

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