In the shadow of the wall, the "indefinite wait" of migrants in Tijuana

Raphaël Bouvier-Auclair (access the author's page) Raphael Bouvier-Auclair Posted at 8:00 a.m. Access to Pedwest, one of the pedestrian routes that connects Mexico to the …

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Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala will send more troops to their borders to stop migration to the US | International

Members of the National Guard guard the shore of the Suchiate River, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala.Teresa de Miguel The Administration of President …

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The French right seeks its hole towards the Elysee between Macron and Le Pen | International

Republican politician Christian Jacob arrives at a meeting of his party on May 20, 2020 in ParisPOOL / Reuters The traditional French right, which has …

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Germany: AfD approves its new program: end restrictions, border control and exit from the EU | International

AfD co-chairs Tino Chrupalla (left) and Joerg Meuthen (right) greeted each other this Saturday at the party congress in Dresden.FILIP SINGER / EFE When Alternative …

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Biden's first federal budget proposal prioritizes social spending and the fight against climate change | International

A group of students protest to advocate for climate change action in Indiana, United States, on March 24.SOPA Images / Getty The president of the …

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