More than 200,000 people demonstrate against the health passport in France

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Demonstrations, sometimes enamelled face-to-face with the police, gathered Saturday in France more than 200,000 opponents to the extension of the health passport, a mobilization on the rise in this third weekend of contestation.

In Paris, Marseille or Lyon and in dozens of cities, motley processions marched in an often virulent atmosphere.

On the eve of this mobilization, the authorities expected to see 150,000 people marching. Last Saturday, the demonstrations had gathered 161,000 people and 110,000 a week earlier.

To the cries of freedom, freedom chanted in most of the parades were added mainly slogans hostile to the President of the Republic and the media, in the middle of placards Macron clears Where sanitary terror.

Protests against the vaccine passport in France

Clashes with the police

Grouped around the hashtags # manif31juillet and #PassDeLaHonte on social networks, the opposition to government measures federates anti-health passport, anti-vaccine or anti-confinement protesters, with various demands.

In the main procession in Paris, thousands of demonstrators joined the Place de la Bastille, where a few hundred people refusing to disperse faced the police at the end of the afternoon.

Protesters clash with the police.

Clashes erupted between protesters and riot police in the protest against the health passport in Paris on July 31, 2021.


The latter responded to the jets of projectiles with tear gas and the use of water cannons, proceeding to some arrests.

Previously, the head of the procession, from which sometimes spouted firecrackers, had regularly collided with the police who were trying to contain the parade on the authorized route.

According to a first report communicated by the Ministry of the Interior, <q data-attributes = '{"lang": {"value": "fr", "label": "Français"}, "value": {"html ":" 19arrests took place, including 10in Paris "," text ":" 19 arrests took place, including 10 in Paris "}} '>19 arrests took place, including 10 in Paris. Three members of the police were injured in Paris.

Gatherings across the country

More than 3,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized to frame the parades, a week after demonstrators invaded the avenue des Champs-Élysées, whose accesses were blocked on Saturday.

In Rennes, the demonstration attracted 2,900 people, the prefecture had indicated at the beginning of the afternoon, an increase in mobilization compared to the previous Saturday (2,200 people).

I am Macron's Jew, vaccinate me against fascism and capitalism Where Liar media! We want the truth, we read on signs, brandished in a festive and noisy atmosphere.

Protesters, anti-health passport signs and French flags.

Demonstration of July 31 against the health passport, in Paris.


In the cities of the south-east, more than 20,000 people have been counted by the authorities, mainly in Montpellier (8,500) and Nice (6,500).

President, deputies, senators, scientists, journalists, all cowards, could we read on a sign, and on another <q data-attributes = '{"lang": {"value": "fr", "label": "Français"}, "value": {"html ":" I am neither a guinea pig nor a QRcode "," text ":" I am neither a guinea pig nor a QRcode "}} '>I am neither a guinea pig nor a QR code.

In Lille, more than 2,000 people, including a number of yellow vests, paraded, chanting freedom, freedom Where the health pass, we don't want it, the authoritarian pass, we don't want it.

A measure that divides

Four in ten French people say they support the protests against the health passport, according to a survey published on Friday. The measure, which requires presenting a certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19 or a recent negative test, was adopted definitively last Sunday in the French Parliament.

The country is currently grappling with an outbreak of the epidemic (more than 24,300 new cases on Friday), especially in tourist areas, carried by the highly contagious variant Delta.

Already applied in cultural and leisure places since July 21, the health passport will become mandatory in cafes, fairs, exhibitions, restaurants and trains on August 9.

People not vaccinated against COVID-19 represent about 85% of patients hospitalized in France, including in intensive care, and 78% of deaths from the virus, according to a study published on Friday.

The coronavirus has killed a total of 111,855 people in France since the start of the pandemic.

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