Changes to the study to simplify the application of the health passport in France

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In the aftermath of major protests against the extension of the health passport and compulsory vaccination in France, changes could be made to the bill this Sunday that would reduce its scope.

Among the changes proposed by the Senate, the abolition of the sanitary passport (called "sanitary pass" in France) for minors as well as a use limited to interior spaces, effectively excluding terraces.

In its current description, the bill provides for an extension of the health passport in early August in bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, but also for long-distance trains and planes.

Another modification wanted by the senators: the postponement of its implementation from August 30 to September 15 in public places, both for staff and for users.

The Senate also wants the 50 people tonnage requested for this health passport to correspond not to the reception capacity, but to the people actually present at the same time. It would allow to help the culture sector, which is suffering, explained Senator Henri Leroy.

Major changes requested by the Senate

  • Exemption from the health passport for all minors;
  • abolition of the sanitary passport for terraces;
  • postponement of its application in public places to September 15 for employees and users.

The initial version of the text adopted by the National Assembly also provides for a vaccination obligation for caregivers and certain professions in order to stem the resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic linked to the Delta variant.

The senators also voted an amendment so that minors of 16 and 17 years can be vaccinated without parental authorization.

A protester holding up a sign stating “rights and freedoms in danger”.

Since July 21, people wishing to go to most public places in France must present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative test.

Photo: AFP / Sébastien Salom-Gomis

The Senate, where the right-wing is in the majority, approved the bill at first reading by 199 votes to 123, but made significant changes. These must now be examined in committee in order to reach a compromise which will allow the final adoption of the text.

The bill could therefore be adopted on Sunday evening, allowing extensive application of the health passport in early August, as the government wishes.

Elsewhere in Europe

Italy on Thursday said people will need a similar pass to go to museums and movies, to frequent restaurants and cafes, but also to access swimming pools and casinos, among other public places. the Green Pass will be issued on proof of a vaccine dose or a negative test.

While no health passport is required in Germany in establishments open to the public, the population is still encouraged to obtain the CovPass application to download the European health passport, which mainly allows travel to neighboring countries.

Unvaccinated Germans, even with negative tests, could face further restrictions if infections continue to rise in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff said on Sunday.

In Greece, people who want to enter restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, cinemas and theaters must show proof of vaccination through the "COVID FREE GR" application.

In the United Kingdom, the increase in contamination prompted the British government to announce the introduction, in September, of a health passport proving a complete vaccination at the entrance of establishments welcoming a large public, such as discotheques. A negative test will no longer be enough, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

With information from Reuters, Obs, Le Monde, France Inter

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