Jovenel Möise: The widow of the assassinated president of Haiti returns to the country to attend funerals | International

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Martine Möise, the widow of the Haitian president, Jovenel Möise on his return this Saturday to Port-au-Prince / Prime Minister's OfficePress office of the Prime Minister / EFE

Martine Möise, the widow of the slain Haitian president, returned to Port-au-Prince on Saturday to attend her husband's funeral, the government reported. Wounded in the gunshot attack that killed President Jovenel Möise at his home in the early hours of July 7, she had been evacuated to a hospital in Miami (United States).

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With her right arm in a sling and wearing a bulletproof vest, Martine Möise, 47, was greeted at the Port-au-Prince airport by Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, Secretary of State for Communications Frantz Exantus said on Twitter. .

"The first lady (…) has just arrived in Haiti to participate in the preparations for the state funeral" of her late husband, Exantus wrote, and published photographs of Martine Möise disembarking from a private plane accompanied by several security agents. Funeral services will be held on July 23 in Cap-Haitien, a historic city in northern Haiti.

Möise, 53, was killed by a squad made up mostly of Colombian mercenaries, but many of the details surrounding the attack remain a mystery.

The day before Möise's widow returned, Joseph promised that justice would be served for the assassination. Police Chief Leon Charles said at a press conference on Friday that the Haitian authorities “are working with international agencies specialized in judicial investigations, such as the United States FBI, Interpol and other organizations that are on the ground to analyze all the evidence (. ..) and track down the masterminds of the murder ”.

"Armed and dangerous"

Colombian Police Chief Jorge Vargas said a former Haitian Justice Ministry official, Joseph Felix Badio, gave two of the Colombian mercenaries the order to kill the president. But it is unclear whether Badio, in turn, was following someone else's orders. A former official in an anti-corruption unit of the Ministry of Justice, Badio is one of many people wanted by the Haitian police, along with former opposition senator Joel John Joseph. Both are described on search signs as "armed and dangerous."

More than 20 people have been arrested in connection with the assassination. Haitian police accused a 63-year-old Haitian doctor with strong ties to Florida, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, of being the mastermind of the plot and of having "political goals." Joseph said 24 police officers attached to Möise security were ordered to come forward for questioning.

The day before Martine Möise returned to Haiti, around 40 people had gathered in Miami in front of the hospital where she was being treated for a gunshot wound to her arm to show her support. Most were women and dressed in blue, one of the colors of their country's flag, and carried banners with slogans such as "Healing for Haiti."

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