The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron is sentenced to prison

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French justice on Thursday sentenced to prison the man who had slapped Emmanuel Macron, an incident once again minimized by the French president, who prefers to insist on the atmosphere of "optimism" he says he feels in France .

The perpetrator, Damien Tarel, was sentenced to 18 months in prison – including 4 months closed – and was immediately jailed for his gesture which aroused the indignation of the political class.

The court partially followed the requisitions of the prosecution, which asked for a firm sentence of 18 months and a warrant of committal against the 28-year-old man, who admitted during the hearing to have, two days earlier, slapped the president of the Republic during a trip to the south-east of France.

Until then unknown to the justice services, Damien Tarel was also sentenced to an obligation of work or training and a ban on carrying weapons for five years.

This slap, perfectly inadmissible is a deliberate act of violence, supported the public prosecutor Alex Perrin vis-a-vis the accused, long hair, green t-shirt and glasses on the nose, who was judged in immediate appearance.

Mr. Perrin worried about a possible risk of recurrence, saying he perceived some kind of cold determination in this man who said to himself invested by the "yellow vests", whose voice is no longer heard.

This protest movement against the social and fiscal policy of the French government was born in November 2018 and set France ablaze for nearly a year, between occupations of roundabouts and sometimes violent demonstrations.

Damien Tarel recognized his anchoring to the right of the political spectrum, assuring that his cry Montjoie Saint-Denis pronounced before his slap refers to the historic rallying cry of the French knights. It's also a patriotic slogan, he said in court. Without a job and living on social assistance, he has not worked again since his father's death two years ago.

Cameramen wait near a room.

Journalists await Damien Tarel's exit from court in Valence on Thursday.

Photo: Associated Press / Laurent Cipriani

In her plea, her lawyer Elodie Guellier was moved by the role of the press – <q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" Français "}," value ": {" html ":" that's 48hours that the entourage lives a hell "," text ":" it's been 48 hours that the entourage lives a hell "}}”>it's been 48 hours that the entourage lives a hell – and asked the court to relativize the facts.

Calling on the court that there is no exceptional justice no justice for example, she suggested, in vain, community service, because the incarceration won't get him anywhere.

An isolated act

Emmanuel Macron again downplayed this episode on Thursday, believing that the country was not in a situation of tension as during the crisis of yellow vests and preferring to insist on the atmosphere ofoptimism that he feels in France.

What I feel in the country is optimism, it is a desire to find life again, it is dynamism and a lot of people want to work full as the health crisis subsides, said the French president, after having lunched with the French football team on the eve of the Euro.

In this context, he indicated that he did not feel that the company is in the state she was in when moments of great tension that he has had to know since the start of the five-year term, as the yellow vests crisis.

Let us not make this stupid and violent act say more than it should be made to say.

A quote from:Emmanuel Macron, President of France

We must relativize and not trivialize anything, But it's okay to get a slap when you go to a crowd, he added.

A position shared by the head of the far-right National Rally, Marine Le Pen, who was said on Thursday Okay with Emmanuel Macron to consider that it was a isolated act, product of a ideological porridge.

This type of behavior is unacceptable in a democracy, however, added the candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

Asked about his possible candidacy for a second term in 2022, Emmanuel Macron ruled untimely to respond, stating that he would at the right time.

At some point, the question of my personal future will arise and I will provide a frank answer., he promised.

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