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Former President Donald Trump appears at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 28.JOE SKIPPER / Reuters

"All Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago," Donald Trump's spokesman Jason Miller recently said. The current residence of the former president, known during his administration as the South White House, has become a pilgrimage center for donors and conservative politicians in search of the New Yorker's permission. Since his term ended, Trump, accompanied by his family, has secluded himself in Palm Beach (Florida) to take a spin on his professional plans and play golf. He has hardly participated in public events, but he has managed to let himself be loved and clarify to his people who is boss in the game.

In fact, Mar-a-Lago is the most direct route for those billionaires willing to open their wallets and boost Republican campaigns with a view to the 2022 legislative elections, where they will try to wrest the majority in the House from the Democrats. Republican congressmen, senators and governors have held various meetings with Trump in recent months with that goal in mind. In addition, at least a dozen candidates for next year's elections have organized events to raise funds on properties of the former president, always with the hope that he will be dropped at some point. Sometimes that happens and he gives speeches of half an hour or more. He also makes appearances at weddings of children of friends. In all cases he stirs up the infundy of electoral fraud, vindicating his supposed victory in the elections that President Joe Biden won by cheers and selfies.

Trump has always been known for being unconventional. He was before he came to the White House, while he was president and is now, in his first 100 days out of office. The Republican has made it clear that his priority is to maintain the leadership of the party. He continues to make appearances on conservative television such as Fox News, where he is dedicated to attacking Joe Biden's immigration policies, because he assures that they are going to "destroy the country," and where he takes credit for the wide availability of vaccines against the coronavirus. "In a way, I am the father of the vaccine," has come to say.

Trump plans to temporarily leave Palm Beach this month to move to his golf club in Bedminster, NJ, 60 kilometers from New York, an anonymous source told Reuters this week. Mar-a-Lago usually closes the summer months, low season given the high temperatures that the State reaches. By doing so, you will also leave the office you set up in the resort's old bridal suite and miss out on the little tradition that keeps your ego in shape: club members stand up and applaud you every time you enter the dining room for dinner and They do it again when he leaves, according to CNN.

Expelled from social networks for inciting violence after the assault on the Capitol on January 6, his strategy is to launch brief statements – less frequently than his tweets – through the page, which he shares with the former first lady , Melania Trump. Some statements in which he attacks his successor's policies that dismantle his legacy: from the plans to raise taxes on the richest to the end of the migratory veto for a group of countries with a Muslim majority.

Miller, who was Trump's adviser during the reelection campaign, announced at the end of March that the Republican plans to launch his own social network with which, he assures, will attract "tens of millions" of followers. According to the Republican's spokesman, Trump has already held several high-level meetings to finalize what has been a rumor for months. If confirmed, it will be the former president's official return to the front line of the political battle.

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