Russian justice suspends activities of opponent Navalny's organizations

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Russian justice on Monday ordered the suspension of the activities of organizations linked to the imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny, which are threatened with being declared "extremists" and banned.

This tireless 44-year-old anti-corruption activist and sworn enemy of President Vladimir Putin put an end to his hunger strike in the Pokrov penal colony on Friday after 24 days, in the face of his worsening state of health. .

The measure taken on Monday precedes a trial for extremism targeting the opponent's organizations, for which a first preliminary hearing in camera took place on the same day. The next one is scheduled for Thursday, the Moscow City Court told AFP.

The activities of the Navalny offices and the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) were immediately suspended, wrote on Twitter Ivan Jdanov, the director of the FBK, accompanying his message with photographs of this decision taken by the prosecutor while awaiting this trial which could definitively prohibit their activities.

They simply scream: we are afraid of your activities, we are afraid of your demonstrations, we are afraid of your voting instructions.

A quote from:Ivan Zhdanov, the director of the FBK

The Moscow office of Mr. Navalny for its part regretted on Telegram no longer be able to work in the old format as a result of this decision.

It would be too dangerous for our employees and for our supporters, he continued, while promising that they will continue, in their personal capacity, to fight corruption, against the ruling party, United Russia, and against President Vladimir Putin.

It will not be easy to fight, but we will absolutely win, because there are many of us and we are strong, assured the Moscow office of the opponent.


The Russian prosecution asked in mid-April to qualify organizations linked to Alexey Navalny asextremists, which would incur the collaborators and supporters of the opponent with heavy prison sentences.

The prosecution accuses these organizations of seeking to create the conditions for the destabilization of the social and socio-political situation in Russia, under the guise of liberal slogans.

The real objectives of their activities are to create the conditions for a change in the foundations of the constitutional order, including using the scenario of the color revolution., an allusion to political upheavals in other former Soviet republics, the prosecution estimated on April 16.

The termextremism has a very broad meaning in Russian law, allowing the authorities to fight both opposition organizations, racist or terrorist groups or even religious movements such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

In jail for two tweets

Mr. Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund carried out its most notable investigation in January, accusing Vladimir Putin of being the beneficiary of an opulent palace on the shores of the Black Sea. The video has been viewed over 116 million times on YouTube and had forced the Russian president to deny the allegation in person.

In early April, a Russian court sentenced to two years in prison a collaborator of Mr. Navalny employed by the FBK, Pavel Zelensky, for the publication of two messages on Twitter criticizing with virulence the authorities, on trial. extremists.

The premises of Mr. Navalny's organizations and the homes of his collaborators have been the subject of searches on several occasions in recent years, the opposition denouncing a judicial harassment intended to silence him.

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