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The Pope made his traditional blessing this Sunday at noon Urbi and Orbi Easter with the most political speech of the week. This time he did not appear on the balcony of the Apostolic Palace due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. A period of crisis that he remembered from the beginning of his words. Francisco thus called the attention of the international community for the "delays" in vaccination. “They are an essential tool in this fight. Therefore, in the spirit of an internationalism of vaccines, I urge the entire international community to a common commitment to overcome the delays in their distribution and to promote their distribution, especially in the poorest countries ”. The Vatican, in fact, has been distributing 1,500 doses of the vaccine to homeless people living around the Holy See for a week.

The Pope's words came after the traditional Resurrection Mass from St. Peter's Basilica. A ceremony unusually followed by few faithful and collaborators and with many preventive measures. The Pope recalled in his blessing that the pandemic is still in full swing, "the social and economic crisis is very serious, especially for the poorest." "And despite everything – and it is scandalous – the armed conflicts do not cease and the military arsenals are being reinforced," he pointed out while recalling how the sale of weapons, such as antipersonnel mines, causes havoc ".

The Pope, in fact, remembered several points on the world map where armed conflicts are still in force right now. Francis asked that “the clamor of arms be finally silenced in beloved and tormented Syria, where millions of people currently live in inhuman conditions, as well as in Yemen, whose vicissitudes are surrounded by a deafening and scandalous silence, and in Libya, where finally the exit to a decade of bloody conflicts and confrontations is glimpsed ”. In addition, he also underlined the problems that Iraq is experiencing, a country that he recently visited on his last apostolic trip.

The pandemic, Bergoglio also recalled, has particularly targeted the most disadvantaged, for whom he called for special care from "the public authorities so that everyone, especially the most needy families, receive the essential help for adequate sustenance." "Unfortunately, the pandemic has dramatically increased the number of poor and the despair of thousands of people."

One of the most affected social and demographic groups, according to Francisco, has been young people around the world “who have been forced to spend long periods without attending school or university, and without being able to share time with friends. "We all need to experience real human relationships and not just virtual ones, especially at the age when character and personality are formed." He also sent a special signal to that same sector of the population of Myanmar, in the midst of political and military conflict, "who are committed to democracy, making their voices heard peacefully, knowing that hatred can only be dispelled with love."

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