Pope Francis calls for an end to "the clash of arms" and to share vaccines

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The Pope deemed "scandalous" Sunday, in his traditional Easter message, the continuation of wars and the arms race in the context of the pandemic, and urged the international community to share vaccines against COVID-19 with the poorest countries.

Francis dedicated his paschal address, preceding the blessing Urbi and orbi (to the city of Rome and to the rest of the world), to the most vulnerable: patients suffering from COVID-19, migrants, people thrown into precariousness by the pandemic and populations victims of the war in Syria, Yemen , Libya and Africa.

<q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" French "}," value ": {" html ":" The pandemic is still ongoing; the social and economic crisis is very serious, in particular for the poorest; despite this– and it's scandalous– armed conflicts do not cease and military arsenals are being reinforced "," text ":" The pandemic is still in progress; the social and economic crisis is very serious, in particular for the poorest; despite this – and it is scandalous – the armed conflicts do not cease and the military arsenals are reinforced "}}" lang = "fr”>The pandemic is still ongoing; the social and economic crisis is very serious, in particular for the poorest; despite this – and this is scandalous – armed conflicts do not cease and military arsenals are reinforced, he blasted.

The Sovereign Pontiff called to do stop the clash of guns in beloved and martyred Syria, where millions of people now live in inhumane conditions.

He made the same request for Yemen, where events are surrounded by a deafening and scandalous silence, and in Libya where we finally see the end of a decade of bloody disputes and clashes.

He also spoke of those who in Burma, the scene of a coup and demonstrations bloodily suppressed by the military, commit to democracy by peacefully making their voices heard.

He called on the international community to come to the aid of the Lebanese people who are going through a period of difficulties and uncertainties and say they hope that Israelis and Palestinians will find the strength of dialogue to reach a stable solution, reiterating its support for a two independent state solution.

The pope greeted the path of pacification undertaken in Iraq, where he visited in March – the Argentine's first trip since November 2019 -, lambasted internal violence and international terrorism in the Sahel and Nigeria, and called for the release of prisoners in the conflicts in Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh.

A small crowd

He delivered his homily from the sparse pews of St. Peter's Basilica, while Easter celebrations usually attract tens of thousands of pilgrims to the Vatican.

Italy, on this sunny holy weekend, returned to containment to avoid popular and family gatherings in a country already hard hit by the pandemic which has killed more than 110,000 people there.

Regarding the epidemic crisis, Jorge Bergoglio, after paying tribute to the doctors and nurses on the front line, recalled that vaccines are an essential tool in this fight.

In the spirit of an "internationalism of vaccines", I therefore urge the entire international community to a shared commitment in order to overcome the delays in their distribution and to promote their sharing, in particular with the poorest countries.

A quote from:Pope Francis

All over the world, he stressed, the pandemic has unfortunately dramatically increased the number of poor and the despair of thousands of people, calling public authorities to offer them the aids necessary for a sufficient subsistence.

Francis had previously celebrated the Mass of the Resurrection in the presence of a hundred people.

Friday evening, he had presided in Saint Peter's Square his second Stations of the Cross in a row without an audience because of COVID, but with the participation of Italian children. And he had celebrated Palm Sunday March 28, which marks the start of the Holy Week of Easter, in the presence of a hundred faithful and thirty religious.

The 84-year-old Argentine pope has significantly reduced his public appearances since the start of the pandemic, who usually takes walkabouts, willingly shakes hands with worshipers and kisses children.

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