Joe Biden's first measures as US president after the inauguration, live | USA elections

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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will sign two new decrees this Friday to help the citizens hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. One of them will increase food aid to those most disadvantaged by the epidemic, while the other will strengthen the social rights of state employees. On Thursday, Biden launched an ambitious crackdown on the health crisis. On his second day in the White House, the new president detailed a roadmap in which the federal government will assume more weight in managing the health crisis and ordered a quarantine for travelers from other countries. On Wednesday, Biden signed his first 15 executive orders on migration, climate change, the economy and to improve the response to the coronavirus pandemic, such as the return of the country to the World Health Organization (WHO). "The United States will work multilaterally to provide a response to the pandemic," epidemiologist Anthony Fauci said yesterday during a WHO session. Biden's measures also included immediately halting the construction of the wall with Mexico and a symbolic coup: eliminating the word alien —Which means foreigner, but has negative connotations— of the new immigration reform. The 46th president in the country's history thus reverses some of the most controversial policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump. The Republican left the White House early Wednesday morning to head to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he and his wife, Melania, will take up residence. On his last day in power, the mogul pardoned 73 people, including his former strategist Steve Bannon, and issued 70 commutations.


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