Truth, decency, respect: the most relevant phrases of Biden's first speech as president | USA elections

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In his first speech as president, Joe Biden has relied on some of the words that have marked his career to the White House: truth, decency and respect. With them he intends to unite a country deeply hit by the coronavirus crisis and which is experiencing a convulsed moment after four years of the presidency of Donald Trump that have divided Americans and ended the assault on Congress by some of the supporters of the already ex-president on January 6.

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In his 25-minute address, the 46th President of the United States acknowledged the daunting challenges ahead and urged Americans to work together to overcome them. These are the key moments from his first speech:

"Democracy has won"

Biden began his message with a celebration of democracy, which was victorious in the assault on Congress on January 6. "We have learned again that democracy is valuable, democracy is fragile and at this moment, friends, democracy has won." The new president has also recognized the need to combat white supremacism and domestic terrorism. "We are going to beat him," he declared.

To those who did not support him: "I will be the president of all Americans"

The Democrat has also wanted to send a message to all Americans who do not support him. Although he was the most voted candidate in the history of the United States, with more than 81 million ballots, 74 million people chose his rival, Donald Trump. "To all those who did not support me, let me say this: listen to what I have to say as we move forward and, if you still disagree, that is democracy, this is the United States," he said. “I pledge myself to this: I will be the president of all Americans. I will fight for those who supported me and for those who did not. "

"I am going to unite the US again (…) and I ask you to join the cause"

As he has been saying since the beginning of the electoral campaign, his main objective as president will be to reunite the country and “heal” the wounds of the division that have grown in the last four years. "We have a lot to do in this dark winter, a lot to repair, a lot to restore, a lot to build and a lot to gain," he said. “I am going to put all my soul into this, to reunite America and our people. And I'm going to ask all Americans to join me in this cause. "

"We will lead by example"

The president is aware that the assault on the United States Congress generated concern in the world and he wanted to send a message of calm. “The world is watching us. The United States has lived a test and we have come out stronger ", has affirmed Biden and has promised:" We will lead by example ".

"We have the first vice president of the United States. Do not tell me that things cannot change"

Biden has also used his speech to recognize who will be his Right hand in the Government, its vice president Kamala Harris, the first woman to hold that position in history and also the first from an ethnic minority. “Here we are where 108 years ago, in another inauguration, hundreds of protesters tried to stop brave women from marching for their right to vote. Today we celebrate the investiture of the first woman in the office of the Vice President. Don't tell me that things cannot be changed ”, he assured.

The tribute to the victims of the coronavirus: "We will get out of this together"

The president has asked to observe a few seconds of silence in memory of the victims of the coronavirus in the United States, which on Tuesday reached 400,000. It is a symbolic moment that, together with last night's tribute in the reflecting pool of the Lincoln Memorial, marks a break with former President Trump, who never paid tribute to the victims of the pandemic that has hit the United States deeply. "We will get out of this together, together," the new president insisted.

"There are lies that are told to obtain power"

At the end of his speech, the president defended the truth at a time when he is in the spotlight of speeches subscribed to conspiracy theories and so-called alternative facts. "There is truth and there are lies, lies that are told to obtain power and benefits," the president refuted.

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