Donald Trump says goodbye to four years of chaos: "Have a great life, we'll see you soon!" | USA elections

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Donald Trump is history. The 45th president of the United States left the White House at 8.16. Took off in the helicopter Marine One from the gardens of the residence, and took one last lap as president around the capital, which he turned upside down for 1,460 days with the blow of tweets, on his way to the Andrews military base, where he last boarded the Air Force One with his wife Melania and their children. The Republican has left Washington, the epicenter of power that he arrived with as an intruder with the promise of draining the swamp. This Wednesday he says goodbye to a future full of uncertainty. If his predecessors spent the last few days in the Oval Office brooding over their legacy, Trump has been lonely and in a bad mood, his head full of ghosts from a nonexistent election fraud. On the outgoing president hangs the stigma of being the only US president with two processes of impeachment.

"Thank you very much, it was an honor," Trump, wearing his iconic red tie, told reporters as he made his way to the helicopter. "It will not be a long goodbye," added who has not been able to overcome the electoral defeat and prefers to leave the city before becoming former president. Before I set foot in it Marine OneTrump turned and said goodbye in a gesture reminiscent of August 9, 1974, when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency. With one difference, Nixon did not dare spend his last hours in power granting pardons to his associates and friends.

Trump had the farewell he wanted at the Andrews military base. He walked the red carpet with his wife Melania, dressed completely in black, to a soundtrack of military salutes of honor and applause from a group of supporters. "We love you!" Shouted a handful of spectators, with the red cap of Make America Great Again, the symbol of his presidency, worn on his head.

"And we love you!" Trump responded in a goodbye that had the flavor of a last rally. Melania dedicated a few stiff last words that did not go out of the script to which she has stuck for four years. Trump, the main face of the era of post-truth and fake news – exceeded 25,000 lies or misleading claims while in office, averaging between 600 and 700 weekly in campaign, depending on The Washington Post– Said to have rebuilt the Army, to have unparalleled levels of approval among veterans and spoke in the past of the pandemic. The same disease that has caused 400,000 deaths in the United States. "Much love for the families who have suffered from the virus in China," said the Republican.

He Air Force One took off with Trump for the last time as a passenger at 9 a.m. for Florida. In the loudspeakers of the military base sounded My Way, by Frank Sinatra. The 45th president did not mention Joe Biden by name, wishing him luck. “The future has never been better for this country. I wish the new Administration every success. And they will have it because we have laid the foundations for it, "he added before thanking his family, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows," some members "of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, who did not accompany him to be present at the inauguration of Biden and Kamala Harris in the Capitol. "Have a great life, we'll see you soon!" Were the last words of the man who received 74.2 million votes in November.

Washington breathes again. The city that only gave 18,500 votes to Trump in November appeared to be holding its breath since the assault on Congress on January 6. The episode left five dead and has become the penultimate burden for the now-former president, who from power fed white supremacists and extremist groups, whom he never harshly condemned. The monster had knocked on the door earlier. He did so in August 2017, when neo-Nazis held a rally in Charlottesville (Virginia), where they clashed with anti-fascists. "There are good people on both sides," Trump said after the incident. His departure leaves a country fractured with a gulf between white America and minorities.

74% of Americans believe the United States is on the wrong track. His successor, Joe Biden, will begin to correct some Trump decisions that he considers harmful, such as the exit from the Paris agreement against climate change. The Democrat will also reverse parts of the immigration policy implemented on the border with Mexico, which separated 3,000 migrant children from their families at least until the summer of 2018.

The businessman and former television presenter of reality leaves America's international reputation to a minimum. During his administration, he eroded the weight of American diplomacy by his policy of America First and because of his strained relationship with the Secretaries of State with whom, like the rest of the Cabinet, he held public disputes and dismissed their posts, in the style of his program. The newbie, when they did not bend to his whims.

The personal style of Trump, who launched his run for the presidency with a rally in 2015 calling out Mexican rapists and criminals, prompted the publication of hundreds of books that attempted to explain the rise. The essays soon led to studies on the narcissistic personality of a president who showed signs of an autocrat. His first trip abroad was to Riyadh, where he met with King Salman and other authorities from Saudi Arabia. Later, Trump became the first American leader to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, whom months earlier he had included in his long list of aggrieved by calling him "little rocket man."

The man who came to Washington promising to end the "American massacre" (American carnage) leaves power after four tumultuous years. "What else is there to say?" Trump wondered before boarding the plane that took him to his retirement in Florida.

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