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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte appeared in the Senate this morning to try to convince senators to give him their support to remain prime minister. The speech made, traced to the previous day, highlights the purpose of these two days of solemn parliamentary staging: to materialize work in the corridors to get support. Conte plays his future and that of the Executive on Tuesday. The idea was to convince a group of parliamentarians, the so-called "builders", to switch parties in a deliberate act of rage and help replace Matteo Renzi's senators. But the ambition has been lowered these days and Conte would settle after the vote this afternoon with a relative majority that allows him to save this match point. "The numbers are important, but the quality of the project is more important," he said, anticipating a possible failure to achieve them.

The senators who will change their position on Tuesday, all those willing to betray their formation by becoming turncoats or lend a hand to Conte's Executive, will do so for personal interests. Positions, greater presence, keeping a seat to avoid elections … The majority will have already made the decision before the prime minister seizes the pile of papers with which he repeated the speech of the previous day almost point by point. And the calculations made by the Government say that they will not reach the absolute majority of 161: they will stay about five, six or seven parliamentarians away. A worrying situation in a country that governs always putting a candle to the seismograph of crises. But, for now, it is the maximum that Conte can aspire to. And if the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, does not object, this government will try to get ahead with a slim majority.

Conte, in his Siamese speech, closed the door to reconciliation with Renzi again with the same words. "You have to turn the page." But this time the desperate cry was saved by invoking the rescue of Parliament. He didn't say "help us." But he invoked the nobility of politics for it. “In a moment of crisis we must look for the high reasons of politics, the reasons of those who believe that politics is a service to the national community. Not as power management, but as man-oriented thinking and his needs and expectations ”.

The reality is that almost no one wants to go to elections. Not all those who are part of the parties that a priori they could win them. Many of the parliamentarians, especially after the reduction of seats imposed in both Houses by this Executive, could not repeat. But Conte, as a novelty compared to the previous day, added the argument of social unrest that can turn into anger if agreements are not reached. “We need willing forces. We need people available to recognize the importance of politics. We have the urgency to do politics. Only politics offers us the possibility of interpreting the discomfort of society, preventing it from exploding in anger and in destructive ways ”, he warned.

The recruitment of turncoats is now done in the light of day and without complexes. "Whoever has ideas and projects, the will to become a builder, who knows that it is the right time to contribute to this prospect. An alliance with a pro-European vocation and only those who are in this orbit, against nationalist drifts and sovereign aspirations, can be part of it.

Conte would need to reach an absolute majority of 161 senators. But it will be very complicated. So in his speech he has also pointed to other standards to support a government with a relative majority. “The numbers are important, even more today. It is fundamental in institutional life. But the quality of the political project is even more so. And we ask all the political and parliamentary forces that have Italy in their hearts to help us to relaunch as quickly as possible and to heal the wound that the crisis has produced in the pact of trust with citizens ”.

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