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Joe Biden plans to begin to bury the Trump era from the first day in office, next Wednesday, January 20, signing a dozen executive measures of great symbolic load: the return to the Paris climate agreement, the end of the migratory veto for a group of countries with a Muslim majority, a mandatory mandate to wear a mask on federal property and the sending of an immigration bill to Congress. In a Washington still shocked by the attack on Congress on January 6 and about to embark on the second impeachment or impeachment of Donald Trump, the new Democratic leader will try to set the agenda.

Biden inherits a country mired in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, on the verge of reaching 400,000 deaths from coronavirus and deeply divided on the streets. The inauguration, usually a massive and pompous ceremony, will take place without an audience and between barbed wire, guarded by 20,000 soldiers in the face of the threat of extremists. The image reflects the extent to which the country's tension has spilled over into the last days of the Trump presidency. In the midst of all that noise, the Democratic president will make a plea for the "unity" of Americans, the core argument of his race for the White House, but will also undertake a sprint of actions from the first hours to send the message that the Republican is history.

"Biden will take action, not only to reverse the worst damage from the Trump Administration, but also to begin moving our country forward," said the Democrat's next chief of staff, Ron Klain, in a memo released Saturday. at night. Some of the measures advanced by Klain have more of a declaration of principles than of effective changes, such as the order that the public cover themselves with masks on trips between States, since these are already mandatory for use in means of transport. They represent, however, a radical turn of speech with respect to President Trump, who has never made a flag for the mask and reluctantly agreed to cover himself in public.

Among the dozen of measures on the first day also included an extension of the anti-eviction moratorium, as well as the payment of student loans – a time bomb of 1.6 trillion dollars (1.3 trillion euros) in the United States – and what Klain defined as measures to "restore humanity" to the US immigration system. This is one of the areas in which the new Biden Administration has created more expectations. As the newspaper progressed Los Angeles Times This weekend, the immigration reform that the Democrat will take to the Capitol opens the path for citizenship of the nearly 11 million undocumented foreigners estimated to live in the country.

The plan would speed up this process for two groups currently protected by temporary relief from deportation: those under the DACA program, which benefits so-called dreamers (in Spanish, dreamers), who are migrants who were illegally brought to the United States as children and have grown up, studied, and worked in this country as Americans); and the TPS (in English, Temporary Protected Status), which different governments have been granting to undocumented persons from countries victims of wars or natural disasters, such as Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, among others. In both cases, the hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries can live and work in the United States, but do not have access to residency, reports Lorena Arroyo. Special treatment is also envisaged for some essential immigrant workers.

With the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the new president will have room to fulfill his promises despite the rejection of the Republicans, although he has come to the White House with the aspiration of reaching consensus with the opposition.

The day after the inauguration, on Thursday, Biden will sign another battery of actions, this time aimed at facilitating the opening of schools and companies, and, the next day, other stimulus measures for families and businesses affected by the crisis. It will continue in the following days with other announcements to encourage manufacturing activity in the United States, an issue that it placed at the center of its economic program in the campaign. His global economic reactivation plan, which requires congressional approval, totals 1.9 trillion dollars (1.6 trillion euros). He has also promised to speed up the administration of vaccines.

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