United States: Biden To Ask All Americans To Wear A Mask During His First 100 Days As President | Elections USA

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US President-elect Joe Biden upon arrival for the interview.Andrew Harnik / AP

President-elect Joe Biden will ask all Americans, when he arrives at the White House on January 20, to wear a mask for 100 days. This has been assured by the future Democratic president, in an interview together with the future vice president, Kamala Harris, on CNN. "It will be only 100 days, not forever," he clarified. "And I think we will see a significant reduction," he added.

Biden has explained that, wherever he has authority, whether it be federal properties, airplanes or interstate transportation, he will issue orders that require wearing masks during those 100 days. The differences with outgoing President Trump in his approach to the health crisis have been marked, very clearly, in the interview between Biden and Harris with presenter Jake Tapper, held in Wilmington (Delaware), the first they have conducted since they won the elections of last November 3.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in line with the scientific consensus, have defended that covering the nose and mouth with a suitable mask contributes decisively to protecting oneself and others against contagion. But President Trump has shown, with some exceptions, not to wear a mask in public, and even, during the campaign, he mocked his rival for wearing one.

Biden has also assured in the interview that he will keep Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prestigious epidemiologist who has been the face of science during the crisis, in the response team to the coronavirus crisis. Fauci has exhibited a prodigious balance in his effort to defend and spread the scientific consensus without openly clashing with the Trump Administration, for which he continues to work. The president has criticized him on more than one occasion and his figure was the target of attacks at the Republican rallies.

"I have asked him to remain in exactly the same role that he has played under previous presidents," said Biden de Fauci, "and I have asked him to also be my chief medical advisor and part of the covid team." In fact, the president-elect has explained that his chief of staff, Ron Klain, knows Fauci well and they have both been talking "all along."

Regarding the vaccine, Biden has assured that he will be "happy to put it on" once Fauci has said that it is safe, and that it will be administered in public. "At that moment I will stand before the public and put it on," he explained. “People have lost faith that the vaccine will work. The numbers are already so staggeringly low that it matters what the president and vice president do. " His announcement coincides with that of former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who also this Thursday have assured that they will put the vaccine before television cameras to promote public confidence in the safety and guarantee of the vaccine.

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