Media: Vienna court gave life to Iraqi for attempting to derail trains in Germany

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VIENNA, December 3. / TASS /. The Vienna State Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced the 44-year-old Iraqi to life in prison for planning a terrorist attack against ICE high-speed trains in Germany. This was reported by the Austrian Press Agency with reference to the decision of the jury.

The man was found guilty of trying to derail high-speed passenger trains in Germany in 2018. The verdict has not yet entered into legal force.

The court found that the extremist acted on behalf of the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, banned in the Russian Federation). The terrorist attacks were supposed to be carried out with the help of steel cables stretched over the railway. The disaster was avoided when one of the trains tore off the metal structure at speed, receiving external damage to the head carriage. The extremist's wife, suspected of involvement in the organization of this terrorist attack, was found innocent.

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