U.S. Embassy in Baghdad continues to operate

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WASHINGTON, December 3. / TASS /. The American embassy in Iraq continues to work, and Ambassador Matthew Tuller will not leave the country. This was confirmed on Wednesday by a TASS reporter from the US State Department.

"Ambassador Tuller remains in Iraq and the embassy in Baghdad continues to operate," he assured, when asked for comment on Politico reports that the US is withdrawing half of its diplomats from Iraq due to growing tensions with Iran.

"The Department of State is constantly adapting its diplomatic presence in embassies and consulates around the world in accordance with its mission, the security situation on the ground, the health situation and even depending on the holidays," the diplomat said. "We do not comment on the details of any adjustments, but we remain committed to a strong diplomatic partnership with Iraq," he added.

"Ensuring the safety of US civil servants, US citizens, and our facilities remains our highest priority," said a US foreign policy official.

As the newspaper Politico reported earlier, in total, dozens of employees of American diplomatic missions in Baghdad and other cities are temporarily leaving Iraq. The timing of their return has not been specified.

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