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In the absence of positive results for the plaintiffs, Trump's legal battle to reverse the election result, led by his attorney Rudy Giuliani, is leaving memorable moments and a cast of priceless supporting characters. After the now defenestrated lawyer Sidney Powell, the one of communist global conspiracies and mythological monsters about to be released, who has now achieved her 15 minutes of fame is Melissa Carone, a computer contractor who worked on the electoral recount, publicized by the shakers of the president's fantasies as a “star witness” in Michigan, a state in which Democrat Joe Biden won by 155,000 votes.

Already in an interview on Fox News, he embarrassed the presenter and fan Lou Dobbs, who had announced with great fanfare the exclusive interview with the star witness, when she told a series of unconfirmed allegations, such as that she saw empty food trucks next to the building where the count was carried out and which is convinced that thousands of ballots were used to steal. Two days later, a judge in Wayne County, where Carone worked his "24-hour uninterrupted" shift as a computer assistant, ruled that his allegations were "simply not credible."

None of this prevented Carone from appearing before a committee of Michigan's lower house on Wednesday. There, he dedicated himself to berating a Republican legislator who wanted to ask him questions. Carone alleged, again without evidence, that tens of thousands ("more than 100,000," he says at one point) of ballots were counted twice, while the legislator tries to explain to him how the process works. The video of the confrontation, one of those audiovisual pieces that produces a mixture of embarrassment, stupor and laughter, has caused a sensation on Twitter, with millions of views and users marveling at what they consider to be the incarnation of the characters played by the popular actress Victoria Jackson on Saturday Night Live.

At various points in the footage, the committee chairman asks Carone to let his interlocutor speak. Sitting next to the witness, even Giuliani himself, whose resistance to ridicule has been amply documented in recent weeks, is forced to pat Carone on the arm and ask her to calm down. “I have signed something that says that if I am wrong, I can go to jail. Have you done it? ”Carone snaps at the congressman, like a Perry Mason staring at him over her glasses. "Treat the legislator as if he were an employee of a fast food establishment and the smoothie machine has broken down," summarizes on Twitter Ryan J. Reilly, a tribal reporter for the Huffington Post.

Carone's viral appearance has become an unintended metaphor for Trump's desperate and agonizing legal battle to reverse the outcome of an election he lost. Some have even wanted to see in the contractor, defiant, overworked, loud and disrespectful, the embodiment of Trumpism that gives its last blows.

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