Trump redoubles the unfounded allegations and assures that the electoral system is in "a coordinated siege" | USA elections

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Donald Trump, outgoing US president, at the White House on November 13.MANDEL NGAN / AFP

In an unusual 46-minute video with the initial warning that "this is perhaps the most important speech I have ever given," Donald Trump launched a new string of unfounded accusations of electoral fraud this Wednesday afternoon and went on to point out that the whole The system is under "coordinated aggression and siege." The still Republican president redoubled his bet on conspiracy theories the day after the attorney general of the United States, his ally William Barr, assured that they had not found any large-scale irregularity that could change the result of the presidential elections, won by Democrat Joe Biden.

Not the lost lawsuits, not the certification of validity from Republican authorities, not even the word of his own Department of Justice. Nothing has so far managed to change his mind to Trump, rooted in the idea that his election was stolen and waving a whole series of hypotheses without basis or evidence: that in some states there were more votes than citizens, than in key territories that they had to win as soon as nulls were detected, when the normal thing is that there are more … In this Wednesday's video, he goes further and calls democracy into question. The Republican maintains that Joe Biden has won illegally and, if others do not see it, it is that they are accomplices.

"We used to have an election day and now we have several election days, even weeks or months, and a lot of bad things have happened during this ridiculous period of time," he says in the video, which the Twitter platform identified as "discussed", the expression with which he alerts that the information collected may be false and Facebook accompanied him with a note reminding him that Joe Biden is the president-elect. "I am determined to protect our electoral system, which is under siege and a coordinated assault," he insisted.

As a consequence of the pandemic, the presidential elections of the first Tuesday of November registered a record of the vote by mail that delayed the count and, the result in several decisive States was made to pray several days, so that Biden was not declared the winner until the Saturday. Since then, the scrutiny continued, as it always does, but this time the loser of the elections launched a legal battle, so far unsuccessful. Trump's accusations even target the authorities of his own party, as in the case of the hitherto Republican Georgia, which Biden has won by just a few thousand votes.

“Mr. President, it appears that you have lost the State of Georgia. We are investigating, there is always a possibility, I understand it, you have the right to go to court, what you have the ability to do is stop inspiring people who commit potential acts of violence, ”said Gabriel Sterling, a senior Republican official from Georgia in an irate speech to the press. "Someone is going to be injured," he warned, "someone is going to be shot, someone is going to be killed," he stressed.

86% of Trump voters responded in the week after the election, in a Yougov poll for The Economist, who believed in their candidate's theory of fraud. Meanwhile, the fundraising campaign for the legal offensive – a string of lawsuits in all the key lost states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia … – has already earned him an income of 170 million dollars. The Trump campaign continues.

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