Trump Raises $ 170 Million From Elections Shaking Up Ghost Of Fraud | USA elections

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Donald Trump, on the White House lawn, in a Nov.29 photo.YURI GRIPAS / Reuters

With the election in the United States about a month away, Donald Trump continues to raise money for his campaign, one that not only seeks to delegitimize the defeat at the polls, but also looks to his political future from January, when Democrat Joe Biden agrees to the position. The Republican has raised about 170 million dollars since November 3, according to US media, thanks to donations originally requested for the fruitless legal battle, but which have ended up adding to a fund for his post-presidential activity.

A blank agenda, a vacuum in the media and a Twitter account that fumes. This summarizes the days of President Trump since he lost reelection. He has hardly carried out public or official activities, and he pours his energy into daily waving unfounded accusations of electoral fraud that, for now, are bringing down all the courts. And the attorney general, William Barr, gave him something like a coup de grace on Tuesday, saying that the Justice Department has found no evidence of fraud. However, more than half of his followers believe him; so much so, that the intense fundraising campaign that his team launched to finance the lawsuits presented has raised money in spades.

They are more than 150 million dollars, according to advanced data on Monday by The Washington Post; up to 170 million, according to those collected on Monday by The New York Times. To understand the formidable volume it represents, just look at the campaign figures: according to the Post, its best month of 2020 was September, when it made $ 81 million (less than half this November), and the Make America Great Again Committee raised $ 125 million in the entire second quarter. "Our democracy and our freedom are more at risk than ever, that is why I am contacting you with an urgent request," reads one of the campaign emails, on behalf of the vice president, Mike Pence, inviting us to "defend the election of fraud ”.

The donations show the pulling force that the tycoon maintains with his bases and that the Republican Party watches closely as he thinks about the post-Trump era, If it is that at this time that it opens for the conservatives from January 20, the day of the effective change of Government, it can be called that.

75% of the money that is being received is destined to a new Political Action Committee (a PAC, in its acronym in English, that is created to support candidates and are not subject to limits of amounts) called "Save America", that the Republican launched on November 18 and that aims to support his political activities after leaving the White House, according to the aforementioned media.

The remaining 25% is injected into the Republican National Committee, which means that, although the first mission his team agitated for the funds was the legal cost of proving alleged electoral fraud, the majority is reserved for its next steps. “Many senators and members of the House of Representatives are very happy that I showed up. I think I'll hang around for a while, "he said on Twitter on Monday in response to a message from a like-minded account, which wrote:" Does the Republican Party think Trump is just going to disappear? He is the most popular Republican in history ”.

Due to a record turnout tide, Joe Biden became the president-elect with the most votes in history (80.2 million) and Trump second, with about 74 million. In relative terms, the Democrat achieved 51% support and the Republican 47%, which does not make him an especially popular candidate. It is the same percentage with which Mitt Romney lost in 2012 and only one point higher than that achieved by John McCain, although also a percentage of support higher than the one he obtained in 2016.

Those 74 million people who, in the midst of a colossal health and economic crisis, and after four years of tension, mobilized to try to keep New Yorkers in the White House, realize the critical mass to which they can still appeal, the same that explains those 170 million collected. Most of that figure, according to data from the Times, came in the first week after the election, when his team multiplied e-mails asking for aid for the so-called Election Defense Fund.

All the lawsuits have come face to face with courts that have found no evidence of fraud and none of the counts has yielded a different result than the one they say they have lost. The States are certifying one by one the scrutinies and the process of transmission of powers from the Republican Administration to the Democrat, reluctantly for Trump, has already begun. And yet, not only does the New Yorker still not recognize the victory of his rival, but between 70% and 80% of his voters – depending on the poll – affirm that, in effect, Biden did not win the elections in a formal way. scrupulous and legal, which opens a new playing field for the still president.

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