Laura Pausini explodes against the coverage of Maradona's death

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Why? Here we tell you in detail what the Italian singer said

Photo: IG @laurapausini

Laura Pausini exploded against the extensive coverage that was given to the death of Diego Armando Maradona on November 25, International Day Against Gender Violence. For this reason, the singer shared through her social networks the disagreement of the importance that the media gave to the death of the ex-footballer and not to what was commemorated.

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"In Italy, the farewell to a man who is undoubtedly very good at playing football, but very little appreciable for a thousand personal things that have been made public, instead of the farewell to so many battered, raped, abused women" "wrote the Italian artist.

Everything indicates that the Italian singer did not want to ignore the leftovers of Maradona's life, who for many years was embroiled in controversy over accusations of sexist violence.

“Today they are not the most important news in this country, although this morning it lost two others. I really don't know what to think, ”the last lines of the text read.

On the other hand, he decided to leave a more emotional message on his Instagram account.

"This day is to encourage all women, but also friends and family who know the situation, to always report any act of violence, abuse or harassment," he said.

He also asked to say stop violence against women.

“We must put ourselves first and respect our dignity and values. Let's say stop violence against women! Let's make ourselves feel strong! ”He declared.

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