He even received threats! Litzy teases Belinda and reacted in the worst way

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"Why are they going to the same surgeon? Beli, if you're seeing this unblock me," was Litzy's message to Belinda.

Litzy, singer and actress, told a curious story that involves Belinda and reveals that there was a "lawsuit" between them, so "Beli" has her blocked from social networks.

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All this was revealed by Litzy during Karla Díaz's “Pinky Promise” program, in which she confessed that she mocked a comparison between Belinda and Carmen Campuzano, who has undergone multiple surgeries.

"I am going to tell you. Only once did I make the very serious mistake, a friend of mine, very dear, put a photo of Carmen Campuzano comparing her with Belinda, they had the same outfit and they looked the same and I put three laughs at my friend because he knows my humor and it seemed very funny to compare these two women and in the photo they looked identical and I laughed, x, "Litzy confessed.

But the exJNS also indicated that she never thought that her reaction, in addition to making Belinda angry, caused so much discomfort among the singer's followers who even threatened her with death.

“The next day, death threats from the Belifans, from 'you, who are you? 'Nobody knows you', 'where did you come from?' .

But for Litzy, the worst reaction was had by Christoan Nodal's girlfriend, as she blocked her from social networks: «Well, even Belinda blocked me, ma'am, I mean 200 years ago that happened but I can't see her on social media I really like how you dress by the way, I can't see it because it has me blocked. And she said, 'Oh my belifans defend me', the net I did not offend her nor am I interested in offending anyone, nor am I of that style. I am not an attacker of the artists ».

Finally, the actress also made irony of the situation and jokingly asked: "Why are they going to the same surgeon? Beli, if you're seeing this, unblock me."

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