Neighbors and other productions where Roberto 'Puck' Miranda acted to remember him

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This Friday Roberto "Puck" Miranda passed away, whom we know from soap operas as Rebelde, Complices to the Rescue, Neighbors.

This Friday, the National Association of Actors (ANDA) announced the death of Roberto "Puck" Miranda, whom we know through soap operas such as Rebelde, Complices to the Rescue and in some episodes of the comedy Neighbors, as well as he participated in some productions films such as Los mófles y los mechanicos and Las Perfumadas.

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Roberto López Miranda, known as Roberto “Puck” Miranda, was one of the main actors in the telenovela Rebelde, after playing Cosme Méndez, father of Giovanni Méndez, a leading character played by actor Christian Chávez.

Soap operas by Roberto "Puck" Miranda?

In addition, “Puck” Miranda was present in the children's soap opera “Cómplices al Rescate” (2002), where he played Damián, and in “La Intrusa” (2001), where he was Arnulfo Castillo. He was also in the comedy Neighbors and in the series "Luis de Alba Present", among many more.

What did Roberto "Puck" Miranda die of?

So far the causes of Roberto "Puck" Miranda's death have not been specified.

Why did they call Roberto Miranda Puck?

«The name of 'Puck' comes from the play" A Midsummer Night's Dream ", which if you allow me to say so, because it fills me with pride, is Shakespeare's most complete work because in it the seven fine arts are represented and Puck He is an imaginary character, an ethereal being and I was very thin and very young, that is why they gave me the character in the National Fine Arts Company and there I got the nickname 'Puck'.

It may interest you:

Roberto López Miranda, known as "Puck Miranda", died this Friday, ANDA reported.

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