AFP: Four More Students Faced Charges in French Teacher Murder Case

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PARIS, 26 November. / TASS /. The court indicted four other schoolchildren in the mid-October murder of teacher Samuel Pati in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, near Paris. This was announced on Thursday by Agence France-Presse (AFP), citing sources.

According to him, three of them are accused of "complicity in a terrorist murder"; they are suspected of having helped the terrorist identify the teacher when he was leaving the educational institution. The accusations of false denunciation were brought against the daughter of Brahim Shnina, who circulated a video criticizing a teacher who showed children caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. He is also involved in the investigation.

According to AFP, police made the arrests of four teenagers on Monday and Tuesday. According to a source in the court, they were left at large under judicial supervision following the presentation of the charges. Thus, the total number of persons prosecuted for the murder of a teacher has increased to 14, points out France Presse.

On October 16, in the French city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine (capital region of Ile-de-France), a radical Islamist killed the teacher of history and geography Samuel Pati, who earlier, in a lesson on freedom of speech, showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo magazine. years ago. After that, Macron warned that the French authorities "will launch an active struggle against the carriers of radical ideology and the associations they have created" and will not prohibit the publication of cartoons.

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