WP: Russia and China are increasing their influence in the world with their vaccines

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WASHINGTON, November 24. / TASS /. Russia and China are increasing their influence on the global stage by creating their own vaccines against the new coronavirus and their willingness to provide them to other countries, while the United States is losing ground as it stays on the sidelines and focuses on building reserves domestically. This is the assessment given by The Washington Post on Tuesday.

"In the new field of vaccine diplomacy, there are two approaches: accumulate or share. The first approach is used in the United States," the newspaper notes. The newspaper emphasizes that this situation indicates "the withdrawal of the United States (from the international arena) under the current administration of (Donald) Trump."

"An example of a different approach is China and Russia, which rushed to share their own government-backed vaccines with countries competing for their stocks, thus placing themselves in a position to expand their political and economic interests in the process," in the article.

“Russia's vaccine diplomacy is part of a broader aspiration by President Vladimir Putin to reaffirm the country's status as a leading global power. Even the name chosen for the first coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, refers to the 1950s space race. s during the Cold War, "the authors of the publication believe.

Vaccines in Russia and the USA

On August 11, Russia was the first in the world to register a coronavirus vaccine called Sputnik V. The drug was developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamaleya of the Ministry of Health of Russia. It is based on the already well-known platform, on which a number of vaccines have been created.

Earlier, the US administration sent Johnson & Johnson $ 456 million to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, Moderna received $ 486 million from the US budget for this purpose. Another $ 1.2 billion was provided to AstraZeneca, which is developing a vaccine together with scientists from Oxford University (UK). Merck and Pfizer are also developing a vaccine in the United States. In total, the administration has invested $ 12 billion in these projects, according to the White House.

Last Friday, the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its US partner Pfizer filed with the US Food and Drug Administration to register their coronavirus vaccine. As the newspaper The New York Times noted earlier, the specialists of the supervisory authority plan to study the application within three weeks. After that, it will be considered by a panel of independent experts, their meeting is scheduled for December 10.

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