Trump plans to pardon former adviser Michael Flynn

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Donald Trump has told allies he plans to pardon his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation into Russian interference in the US presidential election. 2016, a source familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

The outgoing president of the United States could still change his mind on the subject, added this source, confirming information first reported by Axios, an American online media.

Michael Flynn, who was Donald Trump's campaign adviser before joining his administration, admitted in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his interactions with Russia and his conversations with the former Russian ambassador in Washington a few weeks before the Trump's inauguration in the White House.

However, the former General of the Army (US Army) has since sought to withdraw the plea bargain agreement he entered into, denouncing a violation of his rights and deception on the part of prosecutors.

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