Maradona's scandalous love affairs

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Meet the women who were part of the life of the ex-footballer.

Without a doubt Diego Armando Maradona was one of the best footballers in the world, but he had a dark past regarding his love relationships that you have to know.

Looking back at his personal life, there are many things that would make you know him more as a human being, as his drug addictions, his relationship with his children and his love misunderstandings.

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Let us remember that one of the last scandals was when he accused his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe, of keeping part of his money, after she was dismissed in the case that the star initiated for alleged irregularities in the division of community property, for which put in doubt how the mother of his daughters acquired several properties in Miami.

At that time, Villafañe responded to the accusations:

"They talk about apartments that are not yet paid, that are taken out with a 30-year mortgage," he explained and acknowledged that Diego "missed the thermal when he found out about Taiana." On this topic, Claudia said that when she got engaged to the actor, she effectively "exploded everything."

Furthermore, in an interview with Intruders, Maradona's ex-wife said:

"The money that Diego lent me to buy my house is liquidated in the property division, I don't owe him anything," he said, adding that he never spoke ill of his ex and that he wants to end the disputes "to be able to live in peace." without judicial twists and turns or of any kind.

Diego Armando Maradona and Claudia Villafañe, was his lifelong girlfriend, as they married on November 7, 1989 and had two daughters: Dalma and Giannina. They divorced in 2003.

On the other hand, this was not the first time that the ex-footballer accused one of his partners, since he also denounced Rocío Oliva, of having stolen watches, a computer, telephones and jewelry worth 400 thousand dollars, when they lived together in the United Arab Emirates, in July 2014.

Because of this, Olivia was detained for 15 hours and after her release she declared that the day Maradona repents for having reported her for theft "will be too late." Although all this was later forgotten, the couple again had more confrontations and the young woman denounced Diego Armando Maradona several times for gender violence.

Moreover, in October 2014 an Argentine television program released a video clip in which he saw his aggression towards her. In these images, it is observed how Ten questions his partner for using his cell phone, with which he was recording everything, so he later hits her.

After the incident, the Argentine had no choice and had to speak to the press and said that he only "blew" Rocio's cell phone and that the situation did not happen to adults, since he never "raised his hand" to a woman. woman. After a new coexistence, they were estranged and their love relationship ended definitively.

That's not all, Villafañe and Olivia weren't the only ones who had an affair with him. There were others who marked his life such as that of Verónica Ojeda, with whom he had a son, Diego Fernando, born in 2013, whom he also denounced for posting photos of the child on a social network.

Italian Cristina Sinagra, mother of Diego Junior, born in 1986, and with Valeria Sabalain, mother of Jana, born in 1996. Maradona met her third daughter in mid-2013, when the young woman went with her mother to a gym to see your parent closely.

"I will have the image recorded for life. First, he hugged my mother and asked her forgiveness. Then I and we started crying, we got a lot excited," Jana said months later on a radio.

For her part, Lucía Galán, was another woman who decided to tell her love affair with Diego 30 years later. The member of Pimpinela spoke of the courtship she had with the soccer star when she rose to fame with her brother, Joaquín, and on the 10th she conquered Europe with her dribbles. Back in 1982.

They had a relationship when he had a relationship crisis with his first wife Claudia Villafañe and Lucía was 21 years old.

"I think we were both in love. We were very young and we were both in admiration, each other. It was a very naive thing," he explained.

Finally the renowned artist confessed why she left it:

"I quit because it didn't happen and because there are people who don't like to be told no to certain things and we argued a lot. Besides, he intended to go back to Claudia, to get married and build his family. I never went to say that Yes, just like that. If there were things that seemed good to me, I supported him, if there were things that did not, I would argue and say no, "Lucía revealed, although she did not go into more details.

He also had a Cuban girlfriend, Adonay Fruto, with whom, according to the young woman's mother, the former player met her at a party organized at the clinic where he was hospitalized in Cuba in 2004. Several rumors arose with her that could not be confirmed, but It said that Adonay lost a baby from him.

Through a television program, in June 2014, the romance that the current DT had with Graciela Alfano was known, when the former soccer player was married to the mother of his daughters.

Alfano gave details of what happened on a program on the C5N news channel, when Maradona called from Dubai and corroborated the relationship he had with the actress.

"We had a bump, they were great moments. I call because I want to say that she is a goddess and she is still a goddess. It was a relationship that lasted a long time for the happiness of both of us. It was very nice. I was in a relationship with Claudia and I saw her, what man would not sin with Graciela Alfano ", confessed Maradona.

But those are not the only love scandals, since some very compromising audios of Diego were also leaked, sent to Gisela Ramírez Méndez, a member of the Arandú Beleza troupe.

Regarding his relationship with Diego, he said that "for months he kept it silent without telling anyone" and that he did not want it to come to light. "I chatted with him, we were getting to know each other, he has nothing wrong either, but people talk a lot without knowing," he added. He acknowledged that the former soccer player already knew that his phone had been stolen, but he preferred not to tell what his reaction was when he found out about the publication of the audios.

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