"He's a sweet boy," says Eleazar Gómez's mother to defend him

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Through a video, the actor's mother confessed her desire to hug her son

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After Eleazar Gómez was unable to regain his parole, his mother Melissa Gómez came out to defend him and assured that her son "is a sweet and hardworking child" and denied that he is a batterer, despite the accusations by Tefi Valenzuela.

"He really is not a bad child, he is a sweet, hard-working child, he has always been very, very hard-working," said the actor's mother, who faces a process of domestic violence for having used his strength against his girlfriend, the Peruvian model.

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The 61-year-old woman commented that she would like to see her son, but unfortunately her health prevents her from doing so, so she said:

«The thing is that I am diabetic, I am hypertensive, I am operated on for a stroke, and I cannot visit him where he is. So I really want to hug him and kiss him, and tell him that I love him with all my heart, and never forget that. "

Doña Melissa made all these statements through a video posted on social networks of the actress Zoraida Gómez, Eleazar's sister, in which she pointed out that at the moment she cannot give a statement, because her son faces a legal process.

"As a family we cannot give any statement about the process that my son is going through, but my daughter Zoraida, my son Ali and I are here to support him," he confessed.

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