Biden Launches a Government to Bury the Trump Era: "America is Back, Ready to Lead the World" | USA elections

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The process of transfer of powers has already formally begun in the United States, with a Donald Trump finally defeated by reality, who has agreed to set in motion the machinery of handover, and a president-elect, Joe Biden, immersed in the creation of his Government team. The profile of the Cabinet that is beginning to take shape in Washington has not yet winked at the left wing of the Democratic Party, but has opted for veterans of the Barack Obama Administration, but makes its mission clear: to bury the Trump era. "America is back and ready to lead the world," Biden said, introducing his first elect.

The appointments known so far represent a kind of amendment to the entirety of Trump's foreign strategy and his isolationist turn. Goodbye to America First that has characterized the republican doctrine. Antony Blinken, nominated as Head of Diplomacy, is a champion of multilateralism; like Jake Sullivan, who worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department and will be a National Security Advisor. Both members of the Barack Obama Administration embody the doctrine, or rather style, that in his day a Democratic official summed up as “leading from behind” in the case of Libya and that many of his detractors have used as a critical argument. The very creation of a czar of the Environment – former Secretary of State John Kerry – is the definitive sign that the Biden era will try to reverse a good part of Trump's policies, who in turn dismantled Obama's environmental plans.

“This is a team that will keep our country safe and it is a team that reflects that America is back. Ready to lead the world, not to retreat from it. Ready to confront our adversaries, not to reject our allies and ready to defend our values ​​”, stressed Biden during the presentation ceremony of his first nominees, in Wilmington (Delaware), the city of the president-elect, from where he designs the future Government. In fact, added the Democrat, "in the calls I have had with world leaders since I won the election, I have been surprised by how much they expect the United States to regain the historic role of world leader."

Subsequent interventions underscored that vocation. Blinken defended that the United States should behave with "humility and confidence" in the world. Humility, he said, because they cannot "solve problems alone, but it is necessary to cooperate with other countries." And trust because, despite this, the United States, in its best version, "is the country with the greatest capacity to unite the rest to face the challenges of our time." Alejandro Mayorkas, who will be the first Hispanic to lead the Department of Homeland Security, said that the United States must "advance" in its "proud history" as a "welcome" country. Kerry promised that Biden "will trust God" but "also trust science." And the African American Linda Thomas-Greenfield, nominated for ambassador to the United Nations, proclaimed: “Multilateralism is back. Diplomacy is back. The United States is back ”.

Come back, come back. Those were some of the most repeated verbs. Until now, proper names point more to the restoration of one era than the opening of another. None of the high positions made public has meant an integration of the most progressive sectors of the Democratic Party, although there are pending appointments. The environment of the leftist senator Bernie Sanders has made it known that the veteran politician from Vermont would like to be Secretary of Employment and other sources circulated this fall the candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren as a possible Secretary of the Treasury, although Warren herself has celebrated the appointment of Janet Yellen.

Biden's cabinet must be endorsed by the Senate, which currently has a Republican majority, and profiles too heeled to the left would face difficulties. Marco Rubio, senator from Florida and presidential candidate in 2016, adopted a Trumpian tone of criticism, waving the flag against him. establishment. "Those chosen by Biden for the government have gone to Ivy League (elite) universities, have good resumes, go to the right conferences and will be educated caretakers of America's decline," Rubio wrote on his Twitter account , who is running as one of the aspirants to pick up the Trumpist legacy by 2024. "I support the greatness of the United States and I have no interest in returning to the 'normality' that left us dependent on China," he added.

In reality, the bond of future members of the Government, aside from Biden, with the elite of American university education – be this a better or worse symptom – is one of the few elements of continuity between the Trump era and the Biden era. start designing, at least for now. The Secretary of State of the current Republican Administration, Mike Pompeo, was trained at Harvard; Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, too, and Attorney General William Barr, at Columbia, for example. President Trump himself studied at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, members of the select group of eight universities that are part of the Ivy League.

With the transfer of powers finally activated, the Republican leader fulfilled this Tuesday one of the last presidential rites that await him, the pardon of two turkeys on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated this Thursday. A Trump aware that the end is near, took advantage of the speech to launch a plea for America first that has marked its time and that, he said, “should not be abandoned”.

Although he still does not publicly accept the electoral result, and threatens a new attempt before the courts, his fate is decided. If there was any doubt, you just have to see how the New York Stock Exchange reacted on Tuesday to the green light that the Republican ended up giving the night before so that all the protocols of the transition from one government to another are finally activated. The Dow Jones, one of Wall Street's benchmark indices, hit its record spurred by the stability scenario that opens in the world's leading power after days of optimism due to the news about vaccines against the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina joined the states that have already certified results. The Trump era is beginning to unravel.

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