Trump gives in and gives the green light to the beginning of the transition of power in the United States | Elections USA

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Twenty days after losing the election, President Donald Trump has given his Administration the green light to proceed with the transition of power. He has not acknowledged his defeat. But after the General Services Administration (GSA) ensured that Joe Biden is the "apparent winner" of the election, clearing the way for the relief, the president has followed the advice of advisers who They asked him to do it before Thanksgiving and he has recommended to his team, via Twitter, that they do "what is necessary" in relation to "initial protocols." "It is the best for the interest of our country," he assured.

“Our cause continues strongly, we will continue fighting, and I believe that we will prevail. However, in the interest of our country, I recommend that Emily (Murphy, GSA administrator) and her team do what needs to be done in relation to the initial protocols, and I have told my team to do the same. ” the president tweeted this Monday afternoon. The Nikei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has reacted with rises after the news was known.

The transition team of the president-elect has ensured that in the coming days it will begin a round of meetings with federal officials, "to discuss the response to the pandemic and have detailed information" on US interests "of national security, in addition to reaching a full understanding about the Trump Administration's attempts to empty government agencies, ”announced the head of the team, Yohannes Abraham.

In recent days, pressure had been redoubled on Trump to open the way for the transition of power, a statutory process that allows the incoming Administration to meet with the outgoing, catch up on important issues, and even count on material means to do so, including a total of six million dollars (just over five million euros), in addition to having access to intelligence reports. Senators and other figures from the Republican Party, a hundred experts in national security and more than 160 business leaders have asked the president to unblock a process designed to avoid shocks in the change from one Executive to another.

The GSA, through its head, Emily Murphy, had sent a letter this Monday to President-elect Joe Biden's team announcing that they are ready to begin the formal presidential transition process. "I take this paper seriously and, due to recent developments related to legal challenges and certification of election results, I am transmitting this letter today so that these resources and services are available to you," Murphy wrote in the one-page letter.

The letter was sent after the State of Michigan certified on Monday Biden's victory in that State, where the Democrat won by 155,000 votes. Rudy Giuliani, head of President Trump's legal team, has been filling the president's head for two weeks with conspiracy theories about alleged massive fraud, and telling him that his advisers are lying to him. But Giuliani's influence was diminished by the resounding, if not humiliating, recent judicial defeat in Pennsylvania, followed by the certification of his defeat in Michigan, where the president focused his failed offensive aimed at having state legislators disregard the meaning of the vote of their citizens and send Trump supporters to the electoral college.

Murphy assures in her letter that she did not receive any "direct or indirect pressure" from the Executive to delay her decision, but that she did receive "threats" to try to force her to make her decision "prematurely." In his tweets, President Trump also refers to these "threats and abuses" as justification for his decision to give the green light to the process.

The certification of Biden's victory in Michigan adds to a series of defeats suffered by Trump and his team in their quest to reverse the result of an election that the Republican lost by a margin of six million ballots and a 74-vote lead. at the electoral college. Trump intended to delay the process of certifying the result in that state, which provides 16 votes in the electoral college. The day before, in Pennsylvania, the courts ruled against the Republican campaign that accused the Democrats of fraud.

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