The photos of Shakira that are causing controversy

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Fans of Shakira expressed their amazement upon seeing the photos where she looks very different.

Much controversy has recently arisen around Shakira, as her fans have expressed their concern, since the singer uploaded some photos in which her face looks different and it is her lips that have attracted much attention, as they visibly look more larger than other images.

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In the photos, the Colombian singer has outlined lips and we do not know if it is the effect of makeup or if she really underwent some kind of procedure, the truth is that her fans were concerned and commented on her appearance: you did it in the mouth! "," I think she had an excess of collagen "," She walks like me, she needs botox too ".

It should be noted that Shakira has always distinguished herself by looking very natural and has even said several times that she does not like to put on makeup, so we believe that it is all a trick of the camera or the lipstick she used in that photo.

On several occasions Shakira has also said that she has not performed any cosmetic surgery and although we have seen her go through different styles and looks, the truth is that we have always seen her very attached to what she is.

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