Indignation in France after the violent dismantling of a migrant camp

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Officials of the left-wing opposition but also of unions and associations of aid to migrants strongly denounced Tuesday the violent dismantling by the police, Monday in Paris, of a camp of migrants, mostly Afghan and wandering, denouncing a "liberticidal drift".

Several hundred migrants and their supporters, who had set up tents at Place de la République in Paris on Monday evening to claim emergency accommodation, were unceremoniously dispersed by the police.

After evacuating this informal camp by tearing the tents away from migrants who were sometimes still inside, the police used tear gas and de-encircling grenades in the center of the French capital to disperse the groups. migrants and activists.

We're here to show that we have nowhere to go. We don't want to live like animals, we just came to seek asylum.

Murtaza, 20 year old Afghan

The camp mainly housed Afghan men who demanded emergency accommodation after a previous dismantling last week. The violence of the scene sparked a wave of indignation in the associative and political milieu in France, even in the ranks of the majority.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced on Tuesday that he had asked the IGPN, fonts font, from <q data-attributes = '{"lang": {"value": "fr", "label": "Français"}, "value": {"html": "submit your conclusions under 48h "," text ":" submit your conclusions within 48 hours "}} 'lang =" fr”>submit conclusions within 48 hours. In the night he had conjured up images shocking and asked a detailed report to the Paris police chief, Didier Lallement.

People are walking among rows of tents. In the foreground, two men are talking in front of their tent.

The camp mainly housed Afghan men who demanded emergency accommodation after a previous dismantling last week.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / MARTIN BUREAU

After the evacuation last week of a giant unsanitary migrant camp near Paris, more than 3,000 people had received shelter. But according to associations, between 500 and 1000 exiles were left on the floor.

The ministers of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, and Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon, asked for support on Tuesday without delay for the hundreds of migrants forced to wander again.

Denunciation on the left, approval on the right

Left and environmentalists denounced unbearable images after the dismantling of the camp.

The images are extremely shocking, we have seen violence against refugees in extremely difficult circumstances, criticized the ecologist MEP Yannick Jadot, seeing it as an illustration of a liberticidal drift which is dangerous.

I found it scandalous, mind-blowing, people occupy a place peacefully with tents, they don't harm anyone, just because they have a housing problem, there is no alternative accommodation and there is an intervention that is totally disproportionate.

Laurent Berger, leader of the CFDT union, on France 2

For Philippe Martinez, head of the CGT union, it's a scandalous way of doing things who raises the question of the reception of migrants who are displaced, expelled. When you treat them like that, it's worthy of a country that is not France.

Men film police officers with cell phones.

Several people filmed the gendarmes who were dismantling the camp on Monday, Place de la République.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / MARTIN BUREAU

The leader of the Insoumis deputies (radical left) Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced means of exceptional savagery deployed according to him by the police.

He asked to to suspend the vote in the National Assembly of the bill on the global security, denouncing once again the particularly controversial point of this text which penalizes the malicious dissemination of the image of the police.

The deputy castigated the Minister of the Interior: He is responsible for all this, he gets up in the morning and is shocked by the images, and wants in the afternoon to ban the possibility of making images.

I was flabbergasted by what I saw, reacted the national secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, calling on the executive to abandon the text. It is a government that is losing control in its relation to public freedoms, to ethics, added the spokesperson of the party, Boris Vallaud.

On the contrary, the right and the far right have given their support to the police and the Paris police chief.

A controversy that shades another

The controversy over this violent evacuation of a migrant camp strikes the vote scheduled for Tuesday by French deputies on the controversial bill on the global security which penalizes the malicious dissemination of the image of police officers.

"Freedom of expression when it suits you", can we read on a sign held up by a demonstrator surrounded by a few other people behind security barriers.

French people protest against the law on "global security" Tuesday before the National Assembly.

Photo: Reuters / GONZALO FUENTES

The deputies must give their green light, during a solemn vote on the whole of the text presented by the presidential party (LREM) and its ally Agir, but the images of police brutalizing migrants and a journalist come to bring water to the mill of its opponents and sow doubt within the majority.

Pictures from yesterday did not help, notes a parliamentary source LREM. <q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" Français "}," value ": {" html ":" I think we are heading towards approximately 40abstentions, on the other hand very few votes against "," text ":" I think that we are heading towards around 40 abstentions, on the other hand very few votes against "}}" lang = "fr”>I think we are moving towards around 40 abstentions, on the other hand very few votes against, she predicts.

For her part, the member of the radical left Clémentine Autain joked to the address of the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin: They serve these images, you who wanted them banned.

Article 24 of the bill crystallized passions and antagonisms in this text.

For protect those who protect us, thrown grazing on social networks, the majority want to penalize one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros for broadcasting facial image or any other identifying element members of the security forces in intervention, when she wears reached their physical or mental integrity.

The initiative is acclaimed by the police unions, but arouses an outcry on the left and among the defenders of public freedoms, who saw it a disproportionate infringement the freedom to inform.

All-out statements by Gérald Darmanin, pleading for a blurring of the police or for the compulsory accreditation of journalists to cover a demonstration, before changing their minds, did not help matters.

So much so that the government and the majority wanted to clear the controversy by rewriting the offending article.

After four hours of dense debate, the Assembly adopted by 146 votes to 24 the measure, which henceforth specifies that the future offense cannot prejudice to the right to inform and that malicious intent against the police must be manifesto.

Personalities from civil society and thousands of opponents demonstrated on Saturday across France to demand the withdrawal of a text judged liberticide.

Even Brussels looks big. The European Commission recalled on Monday that journalists should be able to do their work freely and safely.

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