Georgia recount to begin November 24

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NEW YORK, November 24. / TASS /. The authorities of the state of Georgia intend to begin a recount of the votes at the request of the campaign headquarters of Republican Donald Trump on November 24 and complete on December 2. This was announced on Monday by the representative of the secretary of state Gabriel Sterling. His speech was broadcast using the Zoom program.

According to Sterling, this procedure will begin "tomorrow (on Tuesday – approx. TASS) at 9:00 (17:00 Moscow time)." "We can't get started any faster. We'll finish by midnight Wednesday, December 2," he added.

On November 20, the Georgian authorities approved the results of the voting in the state, according to which the Democrat Joseph Biden won the presidential election. According to the state authorities, Trump won 49.25% of the vote (2,461,837), Biden – 49.51% (2,474,507). A victory in Georgia gives the candidate 16 electoral votes.

Trump's headquarters on November 21 requested a new recount in Georgia. Representatives of the Republican believe that during the voting there were falsifications that were not taken into account during the repeated processing of ballots.

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