United States: teenager accused of killing two protesters released on bail

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A 17-year-old American teenager, charged with premeditated murder for fatally shooting two anti-racist protesters in Wisconsin last summer, was released after paying $ 2 million bail, the US reported on Friday. one of his lawyers.

Kyle Rittenhouse got out of prisonattorney Lin Wood wrote on Twitter thanking those who helped raise the money needed to get him released, including actor Ricky Schroder.

According to US media, Kyle Rittenhouse, a supporter of President Donald Trump and an arms enthusiast, visited Kenosha in August to protect the city of "rioters" on the fringes of the protest movement against police violence.

The latter had erupted following a police blunder in which a white agent seriously injured an African-American, Jacob Blake, by shooting him at close range several times in the back.

The father survived, but may never walk again.

Videos uploaded appear to show Kyle Rittenhouse armed with an assault rifle amid protesters.

Political prisoner

On one of the recordings, he appears to run away as another youth crumbles to the ground with a bullet in the head. In another video, we see him being chased by a group, falling to the ground, turning around with his weapon in his hand. Shots are then audible.

Donald Trump went to Kenosha in early September, in the middle of the presidential campaign, and then refused to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse's actions.

You saw the video, he was trying to escape them. (…) I imagine he was in a mess and that he would probably have been killed, he had declared, taking again the line of defense of the young man.

For his lawyer Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse is a political prisoner who only tried to help others and defend himself when attacked.

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