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The Canadian government appointed this Friday for the first in its history a woman to head the Canadian Mounted Police, an institution created in 1920 and which functions as a police organization at the federal level.

The appointment of Brenda lucki She was announced as director of the Mounted Police by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a ceremony held at the academy that the Canadian police force has in the town of Regina.

Trudeau stated during the announcement that "Lucki is absolutely the best person for the job and it just coincides that she is a woman." "When she takes office next April, she will be the 24th commissioner in the history of the RCMP and the first woman to serve as a commissioner in a permanent role," the prime minister said.

"I am confident that together we will achieve our goal going forward and make progress in modernizing our organization," Lucki added. Another woman served as the interim chief of this security force between December 2006 and June 2007, but Lucki is the first to be appointed to the position permanently.

Lucki, who has spent the last 32 years of her life in the Mounted Police, was until now as director of the academy for the training of new recruits

He previously served on UN missions in the former Yugoslavia and Haiti, replacing Bob Paulson, who retired in June 2017.

Lucki's appointment comes at a time when the image of the Canadian Mounted Police, one of the country's best known institutions both nationally and internationally, is affected by a series of scandals.

Hundreds of women from the Mounted Police have denounced in recent months the existence of a culture of sexual harassment in the police force.

Last year, Canadian courts forced the government to pay C $ 89 million (US $ 68.5 million) to some 1,000 women who served in the RCMP since 1974 and who were sexually harassed by other members of the police force. . In 2016, the then director of the RCMP, Bob Paulson, officially apologized for the harassment and discrimination suffered by the officers.

The Mounted Police also face accusations of systematic racism against the country's indigenous population. The police force has had to acknowledge that it has not paid enough attention to the disappearance and murders of thousands of indigenous women and girls in recent decades.

The prime minister said during the announcement that Lucki "will also play a greater role in reconciling with indigenous peoples and promoting gender equality."

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