Defeated in Georgia, Trump and his lawyers continue their crusade

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Valérie Boisclair (access the author's page)

Despite the new setback he suffered by losing Georgia, where his troops tried in vain to refute the legitimacy of the results, President Donald Trump is not dismantled. His team now intends to focus its efforts on Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to Reuters.

All Georgia state ballots were recounted, after which Joe Biden’s victory was officially confirmed on Friday.

Secretary of State Republican Brad Raffensperger made the announcement, after saying the day before that Joe Biden received enough votes to be named the race winner.

The last count ended in the victory of the Democratic candidate with a lead of 12,670 votes, out of a total of some 5 million ballots. The first count also gave him the winner, with 14,101 more votes than his Republican opponent.

In the evening, Friday, the governor of Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp, signed the papers officializing the victory of Joe Biden, as required by law. The Democratic candidate thereby wins the 16 leading voters in this state.

Never mind, Donald Trump questioned the most recent results, alleging on Twitter that Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State have refused to let (Republican observers) look at signatures that could reveal hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots. A statement that earned him a mention from the social network indicating that these fraud allegations were disputed.

No evidence has been provided to support his claim.

The president still refuses to this day to concede victory to Joe Biden, two weeks after the latter had yet been crowned winner of the presidential election. The Democratic candidate won 306 voters, against 232 for Donald Trump.

While Joe Biden prepares for his inauguration on January 20, the president continues his momentum, multiplying allegations of fraud on social networks.

Trump's campaign efforts to overturn the results have so far met with little success. And his latest attempt, in Georgia, is all the more difficult to swallow as the state has been of Republican allegiance since 1992.

Two decisive races in the fight for the majority in the Senate

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence has called on Republicans to go to the polls to elect David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the second round of the Georgia Senate races, which takes place on January 5. Republicans and Democrats are still vying for a majority in the US Senate.

Trump invites elected officials from Michigan to Washington

The president is now looking to other states where he intends to demand further recounts, according to sources quoted by Reuters.

Michigan and Pennsylvania are said to be next in line. But even in the event of a turnaround and Trump's victory in those two states, he would still have to reverse the results of another state to get the lion's share of the Electoral College that would allow him to 'to be re-elected, that is to say 270 major voters.

On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump invited elected officials from Michigan, Republican Majority Leader in the State Senate Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield to the White House.

A man who removes his mask bearing the image of the American flag walks surrounded by other men.

Mike Shirkey, Republican Majority Leader in the Michigan Senate, upon arriving at the White House to meet with President Donald Trump.

Photo: Reuters / LEAH MILLIS

According to Debbie Dingell, Michigan Representative to Congress, this meeting is totally inappropriate.

After their meeting with the president, MM. Shirkey and Chatfield, however, indicated thatno information that could reverse the result in Michigan had not been brought to their attention.

"A legal situation with no way out"

Lawyers for the president argue that the US Constitution gives state governments, not governors or secretaries of state, the ultimate power to appoint voters. As a matter of fact, Republicans hold power in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

These three states, won by Donald Trump in 2016, instead chose to elect Joe Biden in the November 3 presidential election.

While many have sounded the alarm bells when they see the President's efforts to undermine the will of American voters, Joe Biden’s campaign does not seem to care. According to a legal advisor to the president-designate, Trump's team is in a dead end legal situation.

In the history of our country, no state has ever done what Donald Trump is trying to do in Michigan, which is to ignore the results of the vote.

Bob Bauer, Joe Biden's campaign legal advisor

While no major irregularities have been reported to date, many Republicans are lining up behind President Trump or keeping quiet. Only a few, including Senator Mitt Romney, have dared to denounce the president's actions.

Joe Biden is to be officially declared the winner by the Electoral College on December 14.

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