"I didn't know where to go", Ester Exposito reveals that she suffers from a dangerous disease

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The Spanish actress explained how confinement due to the pandemic affected her mood.

Ester Exposíto became one of the most famous celebrities of recent times thanks to her participation in the Netflix series, Elite. Now with the fame that he has reached internationally, he is one of the most recognized and sought-after faces by different brands and acting projects.

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Since the mandatory confinement began due to the coronavirus virus, the situation negatively impacted the mood of the Spanish woman, which is why in a recent interview with the Icon magazine of the newspaper El País, she confessed that long before the Fame, she suffered from anxiety and was affected during the quarantine by the sanitary conditions of early 2020.

"It was horrible. I have lived with anxiety since before fame. I am always in a hurry. I fell very down, I had daily anxiety, I did not know where to get, "he said.

Fortunately, as everything has progressed, he was able to resume some of his professional commitments and said: "I need a lot of activity, I love working and I missed it."

Photo: IG @ester_exposito

On the other hand, he explained that this year has been very hard and that he is too concerned about the situation experienced by many people who are affected by this crisis.

"We are tired. We want to go back to normal life, but we can't. I also feel that saturation, that exhaustion, "he admitted.

In addition, he also spoke about your success on social networks and declared that he does not know the trick to be so popular, especially on Instagram, where he already has more than 26 million followers. "It is that I have no idea. My Instagram is not aesthetically cared for. Nor is it that I do not upload ugly photos.

Photo: IG @ester_exposito

A little fed up with the press publications in which they assure that she underwent multiple aesthetic operations, Ester denied all that and said:

“Turns out I've done my whole face. It's scary. If I haven't had time! I haven't done anything to myself ”.

"I have changed and I will continue to change, but what bothers me the most is that I do not know any actor who, no matter how much he has changed from 5 to 25, is questioned or analyzed if his beauty is natural", concluded.

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