Trump bans Americans from investing in Chinese military-linked companies

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Donald Trump made the decision on Thursday to ban Americans from investing in Chinese companies accused by his government of supporting Beijing's military activities.

In an executive order, President Trump specifies that this ban will be effective as of January 11, nine days before his departure from the White House and the arrival of his successor Joe Biden.

Americans with stakes and other financial interests in targeted companies have until November 2021 to sell them.

This announcement is part of the recent Trump administration offensive to counter the growing power of Beijing, determined to compete with Washington on the world stage on virtually every front, from economics to military to politics and technology.

Mr. Trump says in this decree that China Increasingly leverages U.S. capital to enable the development and modernization of its military, intelligence, and other security systems, allowing it to directly threaten the United States and American troops stationed abroad.

The money of American individuals invested in these companies, again claims the Republican billionaire, allows Beijing to develop weapons of mass destruction and carry out cyber attacks against the United States and its people.

Clearly, China exploits American investors to finance the development and modernization of its military, concludes President Donald Trump, who still refuses to recognize his defeat in the presidential election of November 3.

The companies targeted are public and private companies in aeronautics, maritime transport, construction, communications and new technologies in particular.

They are listed on Chinese financial centers, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and on Wall Street by financial instruments or subsidiaries.

Individuals invest in it through mutual funds, which bring together the savings of several investors, offered by a portfolio manager. Most often, small holders are unaware that they own a share, or even a portion of the title of a company.

China Mobile Communications and China Telecommunications Corporation are among the list of companies targeted by Mr. Trump.

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