Hackers target pharmaceuticals

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Hackers working for the Russian and North Korean governments have targeted more than half a dozen organizations around the world involved in research into treatments and vaccines for the novel coronavirus, Microsoft said Friday.

The American software publisher specifies that a Russian group of hackers dubbed Fancy bear and North Korean groups baptized Zinc and Cerium are involved in recent intrusion attempts against the networks of seven pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States.

According to Microsoft, most of the targets are organizations that were testing vaccines against COVID-19. The intrusion attempts in most cases failed, but some were successful, Microsoft adds, without further details.

The Redmond firm also provided few details on these attacks and declined to name the organizations targeted.

Asked, the Russian embassy in Washington, which has in the past dismissed accusations of Moscow-backed hacker attacks, said there was nothing to add to its previous denials.

The representative of North Korea to the United Nations did not immediately react to requests for comment. Pyongyang has also denied in the past that it carried out piracy acts abroad.

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