Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect, breaks down barriers

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Kamala Harris made history on Saturday when she became the first female, first African-American, and first Asian-American to be elected vice president of the United States following the announcement of Joe Biden's victory at the 'presidential election.

The 56-year-old Kamala Harris is widely seen as an obvious candidate for the Democratic Party nomination in 2024 if Joe Biden, who will be 78 when they take office on January 20, decides not to run for a second term. She has not spoken publicly about these speculations.

The institute Edison Research and the main American television channels announced on Saturday the victory of ticket Biden-Harris, based on unofficial final results, even as incumbent Republican President Donald Trump has vowed to fight in court.

Kamala Harris has demonstrated her ability to break through glass ceilings. Elected California Senator in 2016, she was first the first woman to serve as the District Attorney of San Francisco, and then the first woman of color to be elected California Attorney General.

His background in criminal justice could help the future Biden administration tackle issues of racial equality and policing after the massive protests that rocked the country this year. She should be one of the primary advisers on judicial appointments.

A protester holds up a sign bearing the likeness of Kamala Harris.

A Democratic supporter holds a Kamala Harris sign in Washington after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election.


Harris, whose mother and father emigrated from India and Jamaica respectively, aimed to become the first female president of the United States when she competed against Joe Biden and other contenders for the nomination. Democratic Party this year.

She dropped out of the race last December after a campaign undermined by her hesitant views on the health insurance system and her indecisiveness about coming to terms with her past as prosecutor.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, ignored some harsh words from Kamala Harris against her during the campaign to designate her in August as his running mate. She then emerged as a valuable and refined personality, particularly appealing to women, progressives and voters of color, all essential to the electoral hopes of Democrats.

A team player

Kamala Harris, who has developed an extensive fundraising network through her campaigns for the Senate and for the Democratic nomination for this year's presidential election, was instrumental in raising record-breaking fundraising for the Biden campaign over the past few months.

Her appointment as running mate also sparked enthusiasm within the Democratic base and among party donors.

Harris is the one who always made the most sense as Biden's running mate for her ability to help him unify the Democratic coalition across racial and generational lines and because she was able to spur grassroots enthusiasm. .

Joel Payne, Democratic strategist who worked for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign

Accusations by progressives that Kamala Harris did not do enough to investigate police shootings and wrongful convictions while she was California's attorney general helped weaken her own presidential bid, but have little resurfaced when she became Joe Biden's running mate.

She has often defended herself by claiming, as she did in public last year, that she had worked her entire career for reform the criminal justice system knowing that it is deeply flawed and in need of repair.

Donald Trump and his campaign teams, for their part, sought to portray Kamala Harris as a tool of the Democratic left who would wield power and influence behind the scenes of a Joe Biden presidency.

Before Harris' appointment, several of Biden's aides said the senator was able to allay concerns in the former vice president's entourage about her potentially too ambitious character for her to be a trusted partner.

Kamala Harris has in fact proven herself to be a team player, keeping a low profile and hosting virtual and in-person political events that at times garnered little media coverage, while also often talking about what Joe Biden would do for the country if he was elected and offering vibrant pleas against Donald Trump.

Joe and I were raised in a very similar way, she said of Joe Biden during the running mate debate last month against Republican Vice President Mike Pence. We were raised with values ​​related to hard work, the value and dignity of public service, and the importance of striving for the dignity of all.

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A double mission

Kamala Harris has juggled her role as running mate and her duties as a senator. Drawing on her background as a prosecutor, she played the role of a skillful cross-examiner for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett at her confirmation hearing, incorporating the message in passing into her questions. Joe Biden's campaign campaign on health care and climate change.

As the only black woman in the Senate, Kamala Harris has also been a leading voice on racial justice and police reform this year following the death of George Floyd in May during his arrest in Minneapolis. . She marched with protesters through the streets of Washington and won over some liberal skeptics.

Close-up of Kamala Harris speaking in front of the Senate.

Senator Kamala Harris in the Senate, 2018.

Photo: Reuters / Chris Wattie

Asked to say last month, during an interview on the TV show 60 minutes On CBS, why he thought Kamala Harris would be ready to take the presidency if anything happened to him, given his age, Joe Biden gave five reasons.

Number one, its values. Number two, she's smart as a devil, and number three, she has a spine like a wand. Number four, she really has principles. And number five, she has significant experience.

Kamala Harris is married to lawyer Douglas Emhoff, who was part of the election campaign and whose two children from a previous marriage call their stepmother Momala.

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