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A woman walks her dog on a street in Miami, this Saturday, October 31.Rebecca Blackwell / AP

Life goes on. This morning I decided that, despite the pandemic, the political tension and the imminence of a very important presidential election for the United States and for the world, I would enjoy a normal day. Or a new normal, as some call this. Or whatever, because we are in Miami and at the Halloween party. Therefore, by writing the word "normal" I believe I am standing on the same cusp of the euphemism that Emperor Hirohito reached when, after the two atomic bombs, he announced the surrender in 1945: "The war has developed in a way not necessarily advantageous for Japan".

I'm not going to lie to you. I took the morning off because I was planning to meet a certain person in the afternoon and I thought the daily chronicle was solved. The meeting, in the end, was for another day. The fact is that to start my normal day I went to have a Cuban coffee (the strongest drug that can be obtained without a prescription and without breaking the law) at Las Olas, a small Latin establishment with a terrace.

At the next table, an elderly gentleman, elegant, with a long, almost monastic gray beard and wearing a panama hat, smoked a cigar at the slow pace of those who master the technique. He was staring at me. And he said, with a Cuban accent: "Look how I say it … will I tell you?" "Say, say," I replied. The man was silent for a few moments and, impassively, repeated: "Look how I say it … shall I tell you?" It went on like this all the time, not really looking at me, but at infinity.

I started to read The Miami Herald to know the news of the city. And I found that, no matter how abnormal normality may be, business dynamism in Miami and in the United States as a whole continues to know no limits. It was in the newspaper that a local entrepreneur named Nadav Benimetzky set up a mask shop. So far, nothing extraordinary: it happens everywhere, especially now, when so many stores are left empty by the crisis. The particular thing is that Benimetzky's business, called Covid-19 Essentials, has already become a mini-network with eight stores throughout the country. The key to your success? Which, despite its name, goes far beyond the "essential".

Where else can you find a designer mask with an N95 filter that incorporates an internal battery-operated fan? Just for $ 130. Where else can you find a disinfectant that does not smell like disinfectant, but unique perfume? Where else can you find a portable ultraviolet light device to disinfect your phone before touching it? Although Benimetzky must be making money, the man declares, full of goodwill, that he is "anxious to close the deal, eventually." That is, as soon as the pandemic ends, but not a day before.

It stops raining and there is a quite acceptable day left, within what is possible. Barely 29 degrees Celsius, 85% humidity and partially cloudy sky. Suitable for a walk on the beach. When I step on the sand, I see a plane fly by, flying very low, with a large yellow advertising banner. The text says, in capital letters: "Use the submachine gun." And below: “Lock & Load, Miami”. Glups. Then, looking on the Lock & Load website, I discover that it is a weapons establishment where you can "relax" by firing an AK-47 or kalashnikov machine gun for as long as you want. Tourists are welcome. "No previous experience is needed". A bargain, given that in shops the sale of ammunition is limited for fear of post-electoral disturbances.

A group of girls frolic in the waves in various costumes. One of them wears a covid-19 tubing costume.

It is the new abnormality. What can I say.

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