The Twitter administration considers the publication of the RT channel about the US elections controversial

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NEW YORK, October 30. / TASS /. The Twitter administration marked Thursday as "misleading" the post on the official RT account.

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The RT publication containing the video was posted on the channel's official page on Thursday. The plot is devoted to the problems that may accompany voting in the US general election, as well as the vote counting process.

"This tweet contains controversial content that may be misleading about how you can participate in an election or other civic event," reads an accompanying note endowed with the Twitter security post.

As noted by the Axios portal, the management of the social network for the first time provided the publication of RT with such a mark.

In October, Twitter executives announced a tightening of disinformation policies ahead of the US presidential election. The statement stated that the administration of the social network will prohibit Twitter users, including those directly related to the elections, from proclaiming the victory of one or another candidate until such time as this is announced in official sources or reputable media. Messages with unconfirmed election data will be marked accordingly. Tweets, which, in the opinion of the social network security services, will contain attempts to interfere, including with the use of violence, in the voting and counting process will be removed from the platform.

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