Brazilian President calls the attack in Nice a manifestation of Christianophobia

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RIO DE JANEIRO, October 30. / TASS /. The attack by an armed man on the parishioners of Notre Dame Cathedral in the center of Nice is a manifestation of Christianophobia, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said. With this opinion, the politician spoke on Thursday during a weekly broadcast on Facebook.

"In my speech at the UN this year, I talked about Christianophobia. This is what happened today," the Brazilian leader said. He also recalled that the 44-year-old Brazilian woman who lived in France was one of three victims of the terrorist, who, according to Bolsonaro, "hates Christians." "We are talking about Christianophobia – this is what it is," Bolsonaro stressed.

The politician said about the need to combat manifestations of this kind of atrocities, noting that such cases are not isolated. "100 thousand people around the world die every year because of their faith. Including in communist countries," Bolsonaro added.

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